Pupil Transportation

Calendar and Due Dates

Published: 6/1/2018 3:50 PM

The Pupil Transportation​ Calendar of events includes annual events and due dates that Pupil Transportation Directors can refer to.​

Pupil Transportation Calendar of Events

Funding  - Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) Submission                   Go to KDE Web site: SEEK Transportation Funding and Forms 

Data Submission
Data is submitted as needed during the school year. A username and password is required for the databases.
Bus Incidents-Add as they occur to the online database
Bus Driver Database- Update bus driver medical and license information
Bus Driver Data submissions online to KYTC​ - Prior to expiration

Bus Safety Training for Students
  • Annual School Bus Safety Training- throughout the school year for all grades
  • First Semester Bus evacuation #2 is before the end of the first semester
  • Second Semester Bus evacuation #4 is before the end of school
 Experienced Bus Driver Training 
  • Summer Bus Driver 8 Hour Update occurs between the last day of school and before the first day for the new school year.
 New Bus Driver Training
  • Driver Review 1 occurs within 5 days of completion of core curriculum instruction.
  • Driver Review 2 occurs 20-30 days after Driver Review 1.
  • Driver Review 2 occurs 3-6 months after Driver Review 2.
 Driver Trainer Training
  • New Driver Trainer Instructor workshops occur during spring break and summer.
  • Returning Driver Trainer Annual 6 hour Updates occur during the summer.

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