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Published: 6/1/2018 3:51 PM

This site contains state and national data regarding pupil transportation.​​

Annual Bus Mileage: School Bus Mileage Data

Kentucky receives information on school bus incidents daily from school districts and compiles a statewide Annual Incident Report each September.

Annual Incident Reports

2007-08    2008-09

2009-10    2010-11 

2011-12    2012-13

2013-14    2014-15 

2015-16    2016-17


Annual Loading and Unloading Surveys: The following information is a collection of more than three decades of nationwide statistics on children killed in the loading and unloading "zone" or area around a school bus. National and historical data is available at the National Loading and Unloading Survey Web site.

National Incident Reports

2007-08    2008-09

2009-10    2010-11

2011-12    2012-13  

2013-14    2014-15

2015-16    2016-17

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2015-16 Kentucky Numbers

School buses: 9,855

Driver Trainers: 639

School Bus Inspectors: 648

School bus drivers:  10,240

School bus routes: 8,252

Miles traveled: 110,264,886

Miles to and from school only: 94,555,698


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Fact Sheets
School Buses - Designed for Student Safety
School Buses - Safest Mode of Transportation for Students

School Buses - Helping the Environment

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