Pupil Transportation


Published: 6/1/2018 3:52 PM

Directors can always benefit from the experiences of other districts. The examples on this site are from documents used in school districts, with their permission. We hope directors will continue to share their resources and thank those who have already!


Local Board Policies

Each district should have clear policies and procedures for the transportation department. Access your online manual to review yours!



Examples from School Districts


Sample Pupil Transportation Policies and Procedures Manual

Bus Stop Evaluation Process


Recruiting Bus Drivers

Bus Business Cards 1         

Bus Business Cards 2            

Bus Business Cards 3          

Bus Business Cards 4

Hiring Flyer CDL 1              

Hiring Flyer CDL 2

Hiring Flyer CDL 3              

Hiring Flyer No Training

Hiring Post Card 1              

Hiring Post Card 2


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