Pupil Transportation


Published: 2/14/2018 4:49 PM

This page has been established to provide directors with information and ideas to utilize within their districts. The examples are actual formats used in other districts. These were not created by KDE, but provided to KDE by districts.


In addition to the laws and regulations, there are other resources that should also be utilized.
Local Board Policies- Each district should have clear policies and procedures for the transportation department.
Kentucky School Board Association- KSBA - Assists districts with Policies and Procedures
KDE Reference Manuals and Templates
The Pupil Transportation Management Manual and the Driver Instructor Training Manuals are incorporated by reference in 702 KAR 5:080 and carry the weight of the regulation.
State Records Retention Manual                                Driver Training Records Checklist
Industry Letters
McKinney-Vento Act
Bus Business Cards 1          Bus Business Cards 2            
Hiring Flyer CDL 1               Hiring Flyer CDL 2
Hiring Post Card 1               Hiring Post Card 2
Items from other Districts
Kentucky Organizations
National Organizations
Industry News

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