Comprehensive School Counseling

Opportunity and Access

Published: 9/17/2018 7:14 PM
​School Counselors support the individual needs of students by providing equitable availability to research-based student experiences and school factors that impact student success.
School counselors recognize the individual interests and goals that contribute to student learning, achievement and success. Working collaboratively with students, family members, community members and school staff to ensure each student develops an Individual Learning Plan is critical to the successful transition of each student.
In Kentucky, students and family members have access to a range of opportunities, which can be planned for and tracked through their Individual Learning Plan via Career Cruising’s ILP.
On this page, you will find links that school counselors use to individualize college and/or career planning in addition to numerous opportunities available to Kentucky students.

Accelerated Learning


Individual Learning Plan


Kentucky's Minimum High School Graduation Requirements


Targeted Interventions


Persistence to Graduation

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