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Toolkit: Unique Needs - Blind/Visually Impaired

Published: 9/18/2018 7:54 PM
​Resources for Blind/Visually Impaired Students

Students who are blind and visually impaired have unique needs when transitioning to a postsecondary setting. Often it is hard for teachers and parents to know what questions to ask and when to ask them.  The resources contained within this document are meant to be a guide for students, families, and school staff.

Operation Preparation at Kentucky School for the Blind

Below you will find a list of resources that may be used and shared with students during the advising session. These resources are specific to students with visual impairments and blindness and are intended to assist them in post-secondary planning.

  • College Bound: A Guide for Students with Visual Impairments by Ellen Trief and Raquel Feeney. Available at www.afb.org, this book includes a comprehensive guideline for developing the skills students need as they transition to post-secondary settings. Skills addressed include: note taking, time management, hiring of readers, study skills, assistive technology and more.

  • Career Connect is a free resource for people who want to learn about the range and diversity of jobs performed by adults who are blind and visually impaired throughout the United States and Canada. Students can contact mentors in job areas of interest to them, analyze their skills, develop resumes and more. For more information go to www.afb.org/CareerConnect

  • The INSIGHT Post- Secondary Preparation Program is a collaborative program held each summer at Morehead State University. It is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who are blind and visually impaired in the state of Kentucky who are seeking a post-secondary degree. During this week and a half long program students will acquire an increased awareness of the educational, recreational, and social aspects of the post-secondary environment. Information on the application process can be found on the Kentucky School for the Blind website at  www.ksb.kyschools.us under the Outreach tab and then INSIGHT tab.

For more information or questions about information contained within the visual impairment/blindness section please contact:
Kristen Hammond
Kentucky School for the Blind
Director of Outreach for Regional Programs and Services
502-897-1583 ext.256
859-339-5747 (Cell)

KSB Outreach Consultants
--The Kentucky School for the Blind provides technical assistance to school districts through Outreach Consultants. The consultants work in conjunction with the special education cooperatives throughout the state. 

Postsecondary Education Calendar for Students Who are Blind/Visually Impaired -- This document is a calendar checklist for grades 9-12. It includes specific steps that students who are blind and visually impaired need to take in order to be ready for a post-secondary setting. While this document is geared for college bound students, it can also be adapted to fit the needs of students transitioning to a technical school.

Resources for Students with Visual Impairment/Blindness

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