Operation Preparation

Toolkit: Follow-up

Published: 5/9/2018 12:51 PM

​​Once the Operation Preparation advising session is over, students should be encouraged to reflect on the experience and what they learned. Teachers might choose to have the students write a personal statement about how they plan to become college/career ready or their postsecondary plans; write a thank you note to the volunteer advisor; or log back into the ILP to revisit some of the questions for which they may want to change their answer.

Teachers and schools can find many ideas for embedding and reinforcing the college/career advising and planning process into their regular classroom activities in the Advising Toolkit.

Operation Preparation also presents a learning opportunity for parents.


Many parents are unfamiliar with the ILP and the fact that they need to sign off on it each year.  Using the awareness raised by Operation Preparation, schools can educate parents about the ILP and encourage their involvement. Several materials are included for this purpose.

Parents also need to know about the vital role they play in a student achieving college and career readiness and should be encouraged to become aware of what that involves and how they can continue working toward that goal at home.

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