Operation Preparation

Toolkit for Schools and Districts

Published: 9/17/2018 7:16 PM

​​Operation Preparation is designed to support the Advising Strategy of the College and Career Readiness Plan  and the Commonwealth Commitment, so schools and districts are strongly encouraged to participate.

The Operation Preparation Toolkit will help you implement the event in your school/district. It is divided into these sections:

There is also a section on Meeting Unique Student Needs that provides many resources which may be helpful.

You may use most of the materials as-is or to customize them as you see fit. The Toolkit is meant to support you as you implement Operation Preparation in your community. PLEASE NOTE: some materials are templates and do require you to insert local information. These areas have been highlighted for your convenience.

Since there will be statewide publicity for Operation Preparation, we advise you to consider early on whether your school/district will participate and assign a point of contact to provide information to any callers. Please also advise your district offices so they will know how to respond to or direct any calls they may receive. 

While participation is a local option, it is hoped that schools and districts will see this as an opportunity to help students as well as reach out to parents, businesses and community organizations and involve them in the advising process and the college/career readiness agenda for Kentucky. Each has an important role to play if we are to reach the goal of college/career readiness for all students and secure Kentucky’s economic future.





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