KSI Model Sites

Published: 7/28/2017 11:20 AM

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is currently looking for sites of exemplary practices around the Kentucky System of Interventions and Response to Interventions. The department has developed criteria to determine sites of exemplary practices. Schools interested in being considered for this designation should complete the Self-Reflection Tool below to begin the process. Following a review of the self-reflection, the KDE will contact the school to conduct a phone interview and desk audit. Staff from the KDE will conduct an on-site visit to see the school's practices in place. If your school is interested in becoming a site with exemplary practices, contact April Pieper for additional information.


Sites With Exemplary Practices


Criteria Descriptors
  • Differentiated core instruction is apparent with a variety of teaching strategies being implemented throughout the school to address all learners.
  • Learning targets and Kentucky Academic Standards are communicated with all shareholders and enhance instructional practices.
  • The school implementation team members understand roles and meet regularly to discuss school wide implementation.
  • The student intervention team members understand roles and meet regularly to discuss specific student data, effective instructional strategies and next steps to meet student needs.
  • The schedule is comprehensive and inclusive all students, both struggling and advance, to receive interventions consistently.
  • Student Intervention Plans are individualized and reviewed to make revisions to meet the ever-changing needs of students.
  • Tier movement is flexible to meet the needs of students. All shareholders understand the criteria for tier movement, including timeframes and required data established by the school implementation team.
  • The school uses multiple forms of data to make informed instructional decisions.
  • After students are identified with a universal screener, a diagnostic assessment is in place to accurately identify areas of strength and weakness so intervention can be targeted. Progress monitoring is regularly administered, aligned to the targeted skill and reviewed to guide instruction.
  • The school has data management tools are an organized method of tracking student placement and progress which is accessible to all shareholders.
  • Staff take on leadership roles around instruction and the intervention process to enhance the intervention process.
  • The school monitors the implementation interventions to determine fidelity to the intervention process.
  • A variety of resources are used to enhance interventions, including personnel, programs and professional learning opportunities.
  • All shareholders have clear expectations of individual plans and goals.
  • Targeted, evidence based interventions are in place and consistently implemented, analyzed and revised for reading, writing, mathematics and behavior.
  • The school communicates openly with families about the intervention process, individual child's progress and targeted plans.
  • Professional learning occurs for all shareholders delivering instruction, intervention and progress monitoring.
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