Read To Achieve

For New RTA Staff

Published: 11/15/2018 1:30 PM

​Welcome to the world of Read to Achieve (RTA)!

There are over 300 schools across the state that have RTA grants. We are delighted to have you as part of the RTA team at your school. On this page you will find the important information you will need to get started.

Meet With Your RTA/Reading Team...

One of your first tasks is to schedule time to meet with your RTA/Reading Team for an overview of the program and the upcoming year. Working with the RTA grant is a collaborative process. The RTA/Reading Team will consist of, at least, the RTA intervention teacher, the +1 classroom teacher(s) and the principal, but other staff members such as data coordinators and RTI team members could also participate on this team. The RTA/Reading Team should meet on a regular basis to discuss appropriate grant implementation, upcoming events, testing windows etc. The expectation is that no one person is solely responsible for implementation of the RTA grant but that it be shared.

Know Your Role as Part of the RTA School Team...

The RTA grant requirements will give you a complete explanation of your role and responsibilities as a new RTA team member at your school.  Click HERE to view the grant requirements.

Personalize Your Email Signature...

Your email signature provides your contact information to those with whom you communicate via email.  While most of your communication may be within your district and among those who know you and your contact information, there are times that you need to send an email to someone who does not work in your district.  To help them be able to respond or contact you, your email signature can save time by supplying the information to them.  Common or repeated school names occur within districts and across the state.  Having the district and full school name will insure those who need to find you don't contact another by mistake.

Please add the following information to the signature section of your email:

  • Name

  • RTA role/position

  • District

  • School

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • Email address 


Jane Doe

RTA Data Coordinator

Mother Goose District

Black Widow Elementary

Phone: 502.123.4567

Fax: 502.765.4321

Email address: 


Please contact Whitney Hamilton at with any questions. 

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