Published: 12/12/2017 10:10 AM

​Read to Achieve (RTA) resources including program updates, IC resources, information for new RTA staff, etc.

Information for New RTA Staff
There are over 300 schools across the state that have RTA grants. We are delighted to have you as part of the RTA team at your school. On this page you will find the important information you will need to get started.
Procedure for Submitting Budget Amendments
Effective immediately, please use the Budget/Program Amendment Guidelines established by the Budget office if you need to submit an amendment to your RTA budget. Budget questions, including questions on amending your budget, should be directed to Lindsey Kimbleton,
RTA Yearly Reports
The Kentucky Read to Achieve (KY RTA) Program was created under Senate Bill 19 in 2005 with the goal of supporting schools in implementing a reading diagnostic and intervention program to address the needs of struggling readers. More specifically, the KY RTA program was designed to identify and provide intensive reading and intervention programs to struggling readers within primary grades (K-3). There is flexibility in the intervention programs from which participating schools may choose, but several aspects of program implementation are required and therefore common across participating schools. The RTA Yearly Reports can be found at the bottom of the page linked to above.
Educational Records Retention Schedule
If you have questions about retaining educational records, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives’ Public Records Division has prepared a document that may help. The Public School Records Retention Schedule provides a list and retention schedule of all records created or received by a district’s central office, school board, school administration, school-based decision making councils and grades K through 12.
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