2011-2012 Consolidated Monitoring Process

Published: 5/15/2017 3:29 PM

​​​A group of fourteen districts were identified using the District Identification Flowchart.

Once districts were identified, one monitoring lead coordinated with a district contact person to schedule the visit for all individual programs.
The districts monitored and the final reports provided from the Statewide Consolidated Monitoring visit in 2011-2012 are shown below.
Breckinridge CoIDEAData VerificationBreck-IDV
Breckinridge CoIDEASummaryBreck-IS
Breckinridge CoPreschoolFinalBreck-PF
Breckinridge CoPreschoolPreliminaryBreck-PP
Breckinridge CoPreschoolSummaryBreck-PS
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part AActions NeededBreck-TIA
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part AActions Needed CompletedBreck-TIC
Breckinridge CoTitle II, Part AActions NeededBreck-TIIA
Breckinridge CoTitle II, Part ASummaryBreck-TIIS
Breckinridge CoTitle I, Part ASummaryBreck-TIS
Bullitt CoIDEAData VerificationBullitt-IDV
Bullitt CoIDEASummaryBullitt-IS
Bullitt CoPreschoolFinalBullitt-PF
Bullitt CoPreschoolPreliminaryBullitt-PP
Bullitt CoPreschoolSummaryBullitt-PS
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