Published: 12/16/2015 11:24 AM

Kentucky’s state legislature and U.S. Congressional delegation are key partners in the state’s P-12 education system. They guide and direct public education through laws, budget agreements and careful consideration of the state’s needs.


Commissioner of Education

Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education, Stephen L. Pruitt, provides oversight and direction for the work of the Kentucky Department of Education’s employees. See information about his background, along with details on his advisory groups, presentations, blog postings and more on this page.
Find news releases, basic facts, Kentucky’s P-12 accomplishments and more on this page.

Kentucky Board of Education

As mandated by Kentucky law, the Kentucky Board of Education develops and adopts the regulations that govern Kentucky's 173 public school districts and the actions of the Kentucky Department of Education. Department officials follow board guidelines as they both lead and serve public elementary, middle and high schools.

Legal and Legislative Services

Find information about statutory and regulatory requirements, public hearings, legal guidance and more on this page.