Published: 10/19/2016 10:21 AM

The Kentucky Department of Education is a service agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and therefore, serves the residents of this state. All Kentuckians have a stake in the educational success of public school students.

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About KDE

The Kentucky Department of Education is a service agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The department provides resources and guidance to Kentucky's public schools and districts as they implement the state's P-12 education requirements.


About Schools and Districts

Kentucky has a total of 173 school districts and 1,233 schools. On this page, find contact information, school addresses, links to school websites and details about the academic performance of specific schools. Information about homeschooling also is available on this page. 


Commissioner of Education

Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education, Stephen L. Pruitt, provides oversight and direction for the work of the Kentucky Department of Education’s employees. See information about his background, along with details on his advisory groups, presentations, blog postings and more on this page.
As mandated by Kentucky law, the Kentucky Board of Education develops and adopts the regulations that govern Kentucky's 173 public school districts and the actions of the Kentucky Department of Education. Department officials follow board guidelines as they both lead and serve public elementary, middle and high schools.

Kentucky Education Facts

Basic statistical information about Kentucky's schools, including number of schools, numbers of teachers and students, statewide education funding and other items.

Kentucky Schools Directory

The Kentucky Schools Directory provides staffing and contact information for all 173 Kentucky school districts.

The latest news from the Kentucky Department of Education can be found on this page.


P-12 Achievements

How does Kentucky stack up against the nation? Find details on tests and rankings here.

Kentucky’s Unbridled Learning initiative includes the Kentucky Department of Education’s work around college and career readiness. Unbridled Learning includes assessment, accountability, school and district progress toward improvement and much more.​


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