Leadership Networks - Deliverables

Published: 11/12/2015 8:50 AM

​Leadership Networks - Deliverables


Kentucky’s System of Leadership Networks – Information for Districts/District Leadership Teams
Leadership Network Information for District Leaders​

Learning Forward Partnership
Professional Learning Policy Review Report (May 2012)
Kentucky Content Leadership Networks
This video includes 2 parts, with a total running time of 6 minutes 30 seconds. The first is a Leadership Network participant welcome by Dr. Holliday. The second part is a Leadership Network overview for participants by Karen Kidwell.

Leadership Networks
The system of Leadership Networks in Kentucky has been designed to support the quality implementation of the requirements set forth in Senate Bill 1 (2009). Specifically, the networks are intended to build the capacity of each district in the Commonwealth as they implement Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS), develop assessment literacy among all educators, and work toward ensuring that every student is college and career ready. To that end, the vision for these networks is: Every school district in the Commonwealth of Kentucky has a knowledgeable and cohesive leadership team that guides the professional learning and practice of all administrators, teachers, and staff so that every student experiences highly effective teaching, learning, and assessment practices in every classroom, every day. (Result: Proficient and Prepared for Success!)

Document Name  Description                                 Documents
Curriculum Maps and Pacing Guides – Examples
These documents have been shared by schools and districts as EXAMPLES of how Kentucky Academic Standards might be mapped/paced.

Gap Analysis Protocol
These documents describe a process schools may use to complete a gap analysis between their current curriculum and implementation of the KAS.


Grade Level Shifts

The Curriculum Shifts documents contain changes that are new in the Kentucky Academic Standards​. These changes are compared to the concepts in Core Content for Assessment, v. 4.1. This document shows concepts that have been shifted/moved to a different grade level in the Kentucky Academic Standards. These documents do not contain exhaustive lists but are meant to provide an overview of grade level shifts.

Grade Level Shifts MATH 3_HS Formatted v 1.5

Planning and Pacing Process
These documents provide schools and districts with activities to assist with planning and pacing a curriculum.

Planning and Pacing Process
Standards by Grade on Placemat size sheets
These documents provide a quick glance at grade level standards. Standards are organized so that each grade level appears on a "placemat

Math Grade Level Placemats on Pagers

Math Progressions Documents
These documents provide teachers and administrators with grade band progressions of the math standards, overviews of each grade level with expectations and standards by domain and clusters for each grade level, K – 8 and the descriptions of the conceptual categories with standards for high school.

Math Progressions Table

Quantile Ranges for KAS
This document was created by Karen Campbell, KY River Region Cooperative, and formatted by staff at KDE to provide teachers with a link between MetaMetrics' Quantile ranges/Qtaxons (skill levels) and the KAS for mathematics.

Quantile Ranges for KAS

Text Complexity & KAS
This PowerPoint provides an overview of the 3 legs of the text complexity triangle. Quantitative measures include those evaluated by a computer (such as lexile levels). Qualitative measures include those determined by a human reader using a text complexity rubric. The reader and task leg of the text complexity triangle is determined by professional judgment using reader and task questions for consideration.

Text-complexity-in-the-Common-Core-Standards PowerPoint

Gap Notes for Shifting from POS/CC4.1 to KAS in Writing
This document looks at key gaps/shifts from old to new standards, particularly in grades 3, 4, 8 and 11-12 (with language and ideas that should inform all other grade levels as well).

Gap notes between CC 4 1 and KAS

Kentucky Traditional Pathway Algebra 2 Connections to QualityCore Objectives v.1.2
   Updated October 27, 2011. Course framework for traditional pathway Algebra 2 course as recommended by the Common Core but emphasizing the inclusion of the Quality Core objectives for the EOC Assessment for Algebra 2.

Traditional Pathway Algebra II connections to QualityCore objectives v  1 3.pdfTraditional Pathway Algebra II connections to QualityCore objectives v 1 3.pdf

CHETL 1-Pager
All of the CHETL appear on one front/back color page in this document       

Characteristics of Highly Effective on one page front and back

How Media Specialists Can Support KAS
Kathy Mansfield, Library/Media Specialist for KDE, shares specific strategies that Media Specialists can use to support student attainment of the KAS.

Literacy Link Article - Library Media and KAS - January 2012
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