Algebra 1 Blended Learning Pilot Project Year 2

Published: 11/8/2013 11:03 AM

Participating Algebra I teachers received a free 1 day training on blended learning in the Algebra I course and ongoing coaching as they implement the use of digital learning tools and content in their classes. 

This project is not disruptive to current and existing Algebra I programs. Digital learning is considered a best practice that is also highly engaging, and meshes seamlessly with existing instructional delivery plans. Minimum technology requirements to participate include: access to a computer lab at least 1 time per week for all Algebra I classes and an Internet accessible computer connected to a projector.

What did the training consist of? 

The teachers received:          
  • Connection to teacher standards
  •  Free digital and blended learning resources (DL Web and Edmodo)
  • Digital and blended learning pedagogy specific to Algebra I
  • Implementation with limited technology
  • Differentiating instruction with digital content
  • Introduction to Kentucky Digital Guidelines
  • Guidance for using digital tools and content
  • Introduction to building online courses in Edmodo
  • Digital resources available in CIITS
  • Ongoing digital learning coaching throughout the school year
  • Their own discussion board to network with fellow teachers
  • Technical support from blended learning consultants

What participating teachers have done and what they are currently implementing within their classrooms…

  • Participation in Kick Off Training  
  •  Implementing free high quality digital learning tools and content that is congruent to current Algebra I programming 1-2 times per week (in class and outside of class opportunities)
  • Integrating the tools and content within the existing math curriculum 
  • Submit 1 brief entry weekly to the KY Digital Learning Discussion Board
  •  Participate in 1- 2 Webinars during the school year
  • View brief blended learning videos during the project year.
  • Submit quarterly digital learning walkthroughs (October, December, February, & April) by a volunteer peer, support staff, coach, or administrator (not evaluative- just to gather student engagement data).

Student Data Expectations from teachers pertaining to student progress and engagement.

  • Providing participating students’ SSID numbers to pilot director
  • Providing students’ EXPLORE scores (for 9th grade pilot – baseline MAP for 8th grade)
  • Providing participating students’ MAP, DE, or other interim benchmarking/progress monitoring data 3 times per school year (ex. Fall, Winter, and Spring). 

Will teachers use an adaptive curriculum as the core instruction?
Digital and Blended learning resources are merely instructional tools and online resources for students to access at home or on any digital device during the school day.  We want to show teachers how accessible free standards-based digital tools they can use with existing math programs and delivery. 

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