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Kentucky statutes amended by Senate Bill 200

Published: 4/16/2018 3:44 PM

The Legislative Research Commission reports that SB 200 (2014) amended Kentucky statutes detailed on this page.

KRS 15A.067 Division of Program Services -- Access to educational records -- Screening and education of incarcerated youth -- Information on educational status and need

KRS 15A.200 Definitions for KRS 15A.210 to 15A.240 and KRS 15A.990

KRS 15A.305  Statewide detention program -- Alternatives to secure detention --Notification system -- Per diem charge to lodge juveniles in state-owned or contracted pre-adjudication facilities -- Fiscal court approval before state takeover, purchase, or control.

KRS 17A.125 Agency sharing of records maintained on juvenile in facility, program, or informal adjustment -- Confidentiality -- Provision of records --Exception – Violation

KRS 156.095 Professional development programs -- Professional development coordinator -- Long term improvement plans -- Suicide prevention awareness information -- Electronic consumer bulletin board – Training to address needs of students at risk -- Teacher academics – Annual report to Juvenile Justice Oversight Council

KRS 158.148 Student discipline guidelines and model policy -- Local code of acceptable behavior and discipline -- Required contents of code

KRS 158.441 Definitions for chapter [158]

KRS 159.140  Duties of director of pupil personnel or assistant

KRS 159.150 Definitions of truant and habitual truant -- Attendance record requirements -- Adoption of truancy policies by local school boards --Implementation of early intervention and prevention programs.

KRS 164.2847 Waiver of tuition and mandatory student fees for Kentucky foster or adopted children

KRS 200.503 Definitions for KRS 200.501 to 200.509

KRS 200.505 State Interagency Council for Services to Children

KRS 200.509  Regional interagency councils for services to children with a behavioral health need in each area development district.

KRS 441.055 Regulation of jails -- Adoption and revision of standards

KRS 532.045  Persons prohibited from probation or post-incarceration supervision -- Procedure when probation or post-incarceration supervision not prohibited

KRS 600.010 Title and intent of KRS Chapters 600 to 645

KRS 600.020 Definitions for KRS Chapters 600 to 645

KRS 600.060 No diminishment of court's inherent contempt power.

KRS 600.070  Release of educational records

KRS 605.030 Duties of court-designated workers

KRS 605.050 Appointment of chief probation officers and volunteer probation officers -- Training.

KRS 605.060 Duties of probation officers

KRS 605.100 Care, treatment, and rehabilitation of committed children – Validated needs and risk assessment

KRS 605.130 General duties of cabinet.

KRS 610.010 District Court jurisdiction of juvenile matters.

KRS 610.030 Preliminary intake inquiry procedures -- Resulting actions – Formal conference -- Diversion agreement.

KRS 610.100 Investigation.

KRS 610.010 District Court jurisdiction of juvenile matters.

KRS 610.110 Disposition of case

KRS 610.120 Review or termination of disposition orders.

KRS 610.190  Arrest laws applicable to child taken into custody -- Applicability of bail laws -- Protective custody by peace officer -- Custody by person other than peace officer.

KRS 610.200 Duties of peace officer.

KRS 610.220 Permitted purposes for holding child in custody -- Time limitation --Extension -- Separation from adult prisoners -- Prohibition against attaching child to stationary object.

KRS 610.265  Detention of children in specified facilities -- Time frame for holding detention hearing -- Release of child required if hearing not held as specified.

KRS 610.266 Restriction on placement of non-offender or curfew violator.

KRS 635.010  Complaint -- Duties of county attorney and court-designated worker

KRS 635.055 Detention of child found in contempt of court.

KRS 635.060 Options of court at dispositional hearing.

KRS 635.080  Jurisdiction for second offenses -- Community services work program orders.

KRS 635.085  Imposition of fines

KRS 635.100 Graduated sanctions protocol for violation of supervised placement terms or conditions -- Effect of escape, absence without leave, or violation of conditions of placement -- Administrative hearings and regulations

KRS 640.020 Detention of youthful offender if unable to meet conditions of release or bail.

KRS 645.120 Emergency hospitalization.

KRS 645.280 Place where child to be held

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