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Kentucky statutes created by Senate Bill 200

Published: 4/16/2018 3:46 PM

The Legislative Research Commission reports that SB 200 (2014) created the Kentucky statutes detailed on this page.

KRS 15A.061  Interdepartmental collaboration for analysis of juvenile recidivism

KRS 15A.062  Fiscal incentive program for local efforts to enhance public safety and reduce juvenile system costs

KRS 15A.063  Juvenile Justice Oversight Council -- Purpose -- Membership -- Duties

KRS 15A.0652 Juvenile justice administrative regulations

KRS 15A.0654 Earmarking of juvenile justice funding for evidence-based practices

KRS 15A.069  Division of Placement Services -- Duties -- Reinvestment of juvenile justice facilities' savings

KRS 158.449  Annual report of assessment of disruptive behavior school incidents resulting in a complaint

KRS 605.035  Family accountability, intervention, and response teams -- Purpose --Membership

KRS 610.012  Exclusive jurisdiction of District Court or family division of Circuit Court concerning temporary detention of suspected runaway.

KRS 610.105  Informal adjustment permissible at any time with notice to parties.

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