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Kentucky statutes implicated in student behavioral issues

Published: 4/16/2018 3:21 PM

The Legislative Research Commission reports that SB 200 (2014) implicated the Kentucky statutes detailed on this page.

KRS 161.180 Supervision of pupils’ conduct

KRS 158.148 Student discipline guidelines and model policy -- Local code of acceptable behavior and discipline -- Required contents of code

KRS 158.150 Suspension or expulsion of pupils

KRS 158.153 Districtwide standards of behavior for students participating in extracurricular activities

KRS 158.154 Principal's duty to report certain acts to local law enforcement agency

KRS 158.155 Reporting of specified incidents of student conduct -- Notation on school records -- Report to law enforcement of certain student conduct –Immunity

KRS 158.156 Reporting of commission of felony KRS Chapter 508 offense against a student--Investigation--Immunity from liability for reporting--Privileges no bar to reporting

KRS 158.440 Legislative findings on school safety and order

KRS 158.441 Definitions for chapter [158]

KRS 158.444 Administrative regulations relating to school safety--Role of Department of Education to maintain statewide data collection system--Reportable incidents-- Annual statistical reports—Confidentiality

KRS 158.445 Local Assessment of school safety and school discipline

KRS 158.449 Annual report of disruptive behavior [and] school incidents resulting in a complaint*

KRS 610.345 School superintendent or principal to be notified when child is found guilty or when petition is filed -- Disclosure of records -- Provision of offense history to school superintendent

KRS 620.030 Duty to report dependency, neglect, abuse, or human trafficking--Husband-wife and professional-client/patient privileges not grounds for refusal to report-- Exceptions--Penalties

KRS 421.500 Application and construction

KRS 421.520 Victim impact statement

KRS 421.575 Role of victim advocates in court proceedings

KRS 421.576 Application and construction

18 U.S.C. 3771 Scott Campbell, Stephanie Roper, Wendy Preston, Louarna Gillis, and Nila Lynn Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CVRA)

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 2002

Consistent with KRS 158.148, KDE will be working to revise develop or update and distribute to all districts: statewide student discipline guidelines to ensure safe schools; recommendations designed to improve the learning environment and school climate, parental and community involvement in the schools; and student achievement and a model policy to implement these provisions. KDE's present versions of these documents is available.

Local districts are encouraged to work with local board counsel, local court-designated workers, and local county attorneys to determine the effect of SB 200 (2014) on local practice and procedure. Because Kentucky’s 173 school districts are served by a combination of 71 Family Courts and 60 District Courts, some variability in local implementation is likely.

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