District and Public School Building Emergency Management Plans

Published: 2/7/2017 1:38 PM

The passage of Senate Bill 8/House Bill 354, which took effect on June 25, 2013, changed several of Kentucky’s school safety statutes. This bill expanded current law by requiring all public school buildings to include first responders in their emergency management plans (EMP), and presents an opportunity to review and refine current emergency and safety practices through continuous improvement. 

To remain compliant with the statute KRS 158.162, all public school buildings must annually review their EMP and make necessary updates before the start of school.  The principal or building administrator shall review the EMP with all school and program staff prior to the first instructional day of each school year and shall document the time and date of any discussion.  Additional requirements can be reviewed in the Emergency Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions document.

Any facility in the district in which students are served by the public school district, which would include all state classified A1 through A6 public schools or programs, must submit the School Safety Report assigned in ASSIST by October 1.  (This is now a stand-alone diagnostic no longer included in the CSIP.)
The superintendent must submit verification that all public school buildings in the district are in compliance to the Kentucky Department of Education by November 1 of each school year. This submission will occur by answering the District Safety Report assigned in ASSIST by November 1.
Training Opportunity: Emergency Operations Plans for Kentucky School Districts
Currently, a federal grant is in place to provide the necessary training to Kentucky school districts for the development and implementation of a District Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  Approximately eighty school districts have been trained in the EOP process. To see a map of districts who have completed this training, click here.
Training goals are to encourage participants to reflect upon and review current district EOPs while providing guidance in developing high-quality district EOPs based upon best practices.  A federal grant was received by KDE for the purpose of developing quality district-level EOPs. KDE partnered with the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) and the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) to develop and offer this training to all interested Kentucky school districts.  
Interested districts should contact Don Martin at KSBA to be put in touch with the appropriate training consultant. He can be contacted by email at don.martin@ksba.org. KDE encourages all districts who have not participated in this training to do so before the federal grant ends.
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