Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)

Published: 8/24/2018 9:16 AM

Would you like to see your students improve their skills in any of the following?

  • Written communication
  • Analysis of rich text
  • Content literacy
  • Independent learning
  • Collaboration
  • Research
  • Critical thinking

Would you like to see your teachers improve their practice in any of the following?

  • Asking the right questions to promote learning
  • Analyzing student work to improve practice
  • Collaborative, purposeful planning
  • Developing students’ literacy skills
  • Selecting appropriate texts and scaffolding students’ comprehension

Reference the Literacy Matters YouTube video.

Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is an instructional framework for implementing Kentucky’s Academic Standards and improving teacher effectiveness by design: the instructional cycle includes teacher collaboration in designing instruction, analyzing student work, and adjusting instructional practice based upon data and lessons learned about students and their needs. LDC empowers teachers to build students’ literacy skills and understanding of science, history, literature, and other important academic content through meaningful reading, writing and other learning experiences. The building block of LDC is the module, a 2-4 week instructional cycle based upon a worthy, compelling, and rigorous student task.

The LDC website is a national community of educators providing a teacher-designed and research-proven framework, online tools, and resources for creating literacy-rich assignments and courses across content areas.

LDC Core Tools is a guided online experience that supports a teacher in planning, creating, and thinking through each of the four LDC module sections.

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