What Works Kentucky

What Works Kentucky

Published: 8/2/2022 3:58 AM

​What Works Kentucky (WWKY) is a yearlong training program for school and district leaders looking to improve their research and data analysis skills. Participants in the program complete thirty hours of professional learning (delivered in four single day workshops spanning a single school year) culminating in the publication of a peer-reviewed research project that informs both the continuous improvement processes in their schools and the broader profession as a whole. 

​Throughout the program, participants are trained in an inquiry based procedure that encourages leaders to use large-scale statewide data sets combined with existing literature to examine local issues and propose solutions to common problems. Final projects are published to the What Works Kentucky website and submitted to the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) for archive once they are approved by an independent peer review panel.

Become a Peer Reviewer

The What Works Kentucky team is seeking applicants for the peer reviewer pool. Volunteer peer reviewers support WWKY participants in the completion of quality projects. All projects must pass a double blind peer review process by two reviewers before being published. Peer reviewers must complete an online training module before being assigned papers to review. Reviewers are expected to commit to two papers and must complete reviews within ten business days of being assigned a review. Reviewers should expect to review papers multiple times and provide detailed feedback to improve the quality of the paper to prepare it for publication. Qualified peer reviewers will hold a terminal degree (Ph.D., Ed.D.) in education or a related field and should be either practicing school or district leaders or university faculty in Kentucky. To become a peer reviewer, complete WWKY Peer Reviewer Application.

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Participant Information

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Office of Continuous Improvement and Support
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