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Special Education Resources for Using Infinite Campus (IC)

Published: 7/16/2019 10:32 AM
​Special Education Resources
New Special Education Documents in Infinite Campus (IC)
Effective at the start of the 2016-17 school year, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is introducing a redesigned special education module of its Student Information System, known as IC.  This version supports better document management and makes it easier to comply with special education requirements.  The Special Education Advisory Group for Infinite Campus (SEAGIC), including representatives from each of the nine special education cooperative regions, provided ongoing advice and support to the KDE and IC, making this possible.
Special Education Document Data Standards
The Special Education Data Standards provide guidelines for entering data into IC. Data standardization is important to ensure consistency across the Commonwealth.
This is now a stand-alone document to capture the meeting proceedings of each Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) and is used in conjunction with other documents as needed.
KY Referral           
This document is used to capture information about a child suspected of having a disability to determine if there is a need to evaluate for special education services. 
This document is used to develop a proposed evaluation plan and obtain informed consent from parents prior to administering individual evaluation procedures.
KY Evaluation/Eligibility Determination (Coming Soon)
This document includes all information about the child used in the evaluation and eligibility determination process and if found eligible, obtains informed consent from parents prior to providing special education and related services.  
KY IEP               
This document is used to specify an eligible child’s individual education program.  
This document is used to specify the services the school district will provide to an eligible child who will remain in a private elementary or secondary school. 
Infinite Campus Special Education Training Tools   

2018-19 DEA Record Review

This document is used to assist school districts in completing a compliance review of student due process records. This document captures data for Annual Performance Report (APR) Indicators 11 and 13. It is also used by district personnel for program evaluation purposes. The KDE uses this document for compliance monitoring.

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