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IEP Guidance and Documents

Published: 12/12/2022 2:27 PM

​This page contains guidance documents for the development and creation of Individualized Education Programs and is supported by the following regulations.

​Specific Learning Disability Guidanc​e

The purpose of this document is to assist schools in conducting appropriate and comprehensive educational evaluations for students suspected of having a specific learning disability (SLD).  Additionally, this guidance document will provide an overview of Kentucky’s SLD eligibility determination requirements, clarify the evaluation components and criteria, and answer frequently asked questions from the field as they relate to students with an SLD.

Guidance Document for Individual Education Program (IEP) Development

The IEP Guidance Document provides instructions and examples for developing IEPs for Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) members, including chairpersons, teachers, related service providers and parents. 

IEP and Lesson Plan Development Handbook

This handbook was developed by the Kentucky Department of Education in partnership with staff from the Kentucky Education Cooperatives to provide examples of Special Education Services; for example, Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) and Supplementary Aids and Services (SAS) that may be considered to support goals, benchmarks, and short-term objectives within an IEP.

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