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Special Education Forms - Eligibility Determination

Published: 8/4/2019 12:25 PM
This page contains downloads to special education forms commonly used by local school districts to document eligibility for special education and is supported by the following regulations:

707 KAR 1:300 Child find, evaluation, and reevaluation

707 KAR 1:310 Determination of eligibility

​Included is the Consent to Evaluate/Reevaluate and each of the Eligibility Determination forms specific to the suspected disability. 
Revisions to the forms in the SIS occur based on feedback the Division of Learning Services receives from Director’s of Special Education, State Stakeholder Groups, KDE Interpretation of Law, and Legal Decisions.  In addition, the Division of Learning Services, Diverse Learners Branch make revisions to the state mandated forms based on on-site and desk audit monitoring.
State approved forms used for special education due process including the Individual Education Program (IEP), referral and others can be found on the Special-Education-Forms-Due-Process webpage.
These forms will be included in the state's student information system (SIS) Summer 2011.  The forms to the right are all Word documents, which is an electronic form that can be downloaded and completed directly from the Word program electronically.

The advantage to the Word version is that once completed it can be saved as a file and uploaded to the SIS at the child level.  This option is not available in the Adobe Acrobat version unless the manually completed form is scanned and an electronic file created by that scan.

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