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Kentucky State Personnel Development Grant

Published: 8/16/2018 8:36 AM

In a collaborative effort to increase student achievement and post-school success for students with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), Division of Learning Services (DLS) submitted a proposal for the 2012 State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) and are proud to present a five year initiative linked in partnership with numerous agencies throughout the state.

The State Personnel Development Grants Program, authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), provides funds to assist states in reforming and improving their systems for personnel preparation and professional development in early intervention, education and transition services in order to enhance results for children with disabilities.

Five Target Areas

Based on needs expressed in the Kentucky Department of Education, Division of Learning Services State Performance Plan, and consensus of personnel from the Division of Learning Services, Special Education Cooperatives, Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network and a local Director of Special Education, five outcomes were targeted.

These include:

  • Better prepare all students with disabilities to reach proficiency and graduate from high school ready for college and careers through increased academic (reading and math) achievement and closing existing achievement gaps.

  • Improving post-secondary outcomes for Kentucky’s students with low incidence disabilities.

  • Building the instructional capacity of Kentucky’s teachers to increase academic achievement for students with low incidence disabilities.

  • Improving communication and educational services to students with low incidence disabilities.

  • Sustaining project efforts after the life of the SPDG.

For more information, please visit the official Kentucky State Personnel Development Grant on the University of Kentucky website.


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