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Published: 3/11/2019 10:06 AM

When planning professional learning, whether an individual growth plan or a district-wide PD plan, these seven steps from the Kentucky Professional Learning Standards Guidance (2014) can help as you plan, implement, and evaluate professional needs.


Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students integrates theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve its intended outcomes. Consider modes of learning besides the traditional “sit-and-get” training. No matter the model, the professional learning should meet the criteria of “Kentucky’s Exemplary Professional Learning Rubric.”


Exemplary Professional Learning includes the evaluation and monitoring of the PD Plan and its impact on student growth and educator practice. The Guide for Evaluating the Impact of Professional Learning provides adaptable documents and tools for the evaluation and planning of professional learning. In-depth evaluation,  informs the dynamic and intentional process of professional learning for educators.  


Learning Model Examples

Training: Expert facilitator imparts new knowledge to participants for the purpose of updates, changes, and important reminders.

Observation: Evaluator observes an educator for the purpose of determining a performance level.

Peer-to-Peer Observation and Feedback: Peer collaborators engage in collegial conversations based upon observed data.

Study Groups: Research, book, curricular innovations, instructional strategies, etc.

Inquiry/Action Research: Process of inquiry conducted by those taking the action for the purpose of improving and/or refining actions.

Mentoring: Programs to help beginning teachers, veteran teachers in new assignments, and teachers in need of remedial aid to grow professionally with the assistance of a guide.

Improvement teams: Use of data for the purpose of analyzing, goal setting and planning for the purpose of improvement in an identified area.

*Standards for Professional Learning: Learning Designs. Learning Forward

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Principals of effective PL include: clear focus, emphasis on change, small changes guided by vision, ongoing and embedded
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