Evaluating Teachers & Other Professionals

Published: 7/6/2017 3:02 PM

This page will continue to receive updates as more guidance is shared related to the changes established in Senate Bill 1 (2017).

Summative Evaluation


The Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) was created in response to Senate Bill 1 (2009) and advised by the Teacher Effectiveness Steering Committee (TESC) to:

  • promote the vision of continuous professional growth needed to be a highly effective educator
  • create a fair and equitable system to evaluate an educator’s effectiveness

​Although the summative evaluation process for teachers and other professionals differs somewhat from district to district based upon individual district certified evaluation plans (CEP), the overall performance category for all Kentucky teachers and other professionals is determined when evaluators apply the decision rules to an educator’s professional practice rating and overall student growth rating. The graphics below further explain the summative evaluation process for teachers and other professionals.

 Professional Practice Rating
The first step to determine the professional practice rating is for evaluators to holistically review required and optional evidences of PGES for each of the four domains (704 KAR 3:370 Section 7,(5)) of the Kentucky Framework for Teaching (KyFfT) in conjunction with the Teacher and Other Professional Evaluation Crosswalk (pgs. 4-11), including planning and preparation (P&P), classroom environment (CE), instruction (I), and professional responsibilities (PR). Evaluators then apply the decision rules found in their district’s CEP to these individual ratings to determine the overall Professional Practice Rating.
Overall Student Growth Rating
In addition to the professional practice rating, evaluators also must determine an overall student growth rating in the summative process. The first step is for evaluators to review evidences and apply district decision rules to determine a rating of Low, Expected or High for the Local Student Growth Goal (SGG); when applicable, evaluators also include the Median Student Growth Percentile (MSGP). Evaluators may review and consider student growth ratings for up to three years (if data is available) as they apply the decision rules in the district CEP to determine an Overall Student Growth Rating (704 KAR 3:370 Section 7, (10)) of low, expected, or high. 




Overall Performance Category

Evaluators use evidences, state and local decision rules, and professional judgment to determine a teacher or other professional’s overall professional practice and student growth ratings (704 KAR 3:370 Section 8, (2)). Once these ratings are determined, however, the decision rules matrix (below) should be applied in order to determine the Overall Performance Category of Ineffective, Developing, Accomplished or Exemplary. 



While particular components of PGES, such as observations, student voice, self-reflection and professional growth planning, are required, districts have flexibility to determine methods and additional evidences to be considered in the summative evaluation process. These flexible components are detailed in each district’s CEP, which is approved by the local Board of Education.
Summative evaluation cycles are required at least every three years for tenured teachers and other professionals, and annually for non-tenured educators. The state summative decision rules help evaluators determine the educator’s Professional Growth Plan & Summative Cycle. (704 KAR 3:370 Section 9)
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