Evidence Examples by Standard from Kentucky Superintendents

Published: 4/28/2017 12:53 PM

This page is currently undergoing updates to reflect the changes established in Senate Bill 1 (2017). Senate Bill 1, (effective immediately due to an emergency clause) brings significant change to Kentucky’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. It requires districts to implement a personnel evaluation system aligned to a statewide framework that promotes continuous professional growth and development of skills needed to be a highly effective teacher or administrator. If you have questions related to the Evidence Examples, please contact Todd Davis at (502) 564-1479.

This will be the future home where visitors can investigate specific examples of evidence provided by Kentucky superintendents by standard. As superintendents and boards of Education identify areas involved in the Superintendent's Professional Growth Plan,  evidences will be collected and shared.  Superintendents will provide examples where they strive to continuously improve through involvement in leadership activities based on identified standards. For more information on SPGES standards and indicators, see the Superintendent Leadership Plan


​Evidence Examples Covering All Standards


Superintendent Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (SPGES) Evidence Examples 2014

This is a list of compiled evidence examples from practicing superintendents participating in the 2014 Educational Cooperative trainings on SPGES.

These examples can be used individually or in combination as a "starting point" for any superintendent compiling evidence for their professional growth plan. 

Monthly Evidence Examples 

Supt. Jay Brewer, Dayton Independent


Using the Site Visit Tool for Evidence

The Site Visit Tool in CIITS/EDS is a great way to collect evidence for SPGES, especially useful for standard 2. In the video below, Dr. Tommy Floyd and Kevin Stull demonstrate how superintendents or their designee can use the Site Visit tool to document and share evidence with the principal when conducting a site visit for PPGES.


 Site Visit Recording Tool Video

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