SPGES Lessons Learned

Published: 4/28/2017 12:52 PM

This page is currently undergoing updates to reflect the changes established in Senate Bill 1 (2017). Senate Bill 1, (effective immediately due to an emergency clause) brings significant change to Kentucky’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System. It requires districts to implement a personnel evaluation system aligned to a statewide framework that promotes continuous professional growth and development of skills needed to be a highly effective teacher or administrator. If you have questions related to Superintendent Lessons Learned, please contact Todd Davis at (502) 564-1479.


The following videos come from superintendents across Kentucky who have valuable lessons they've learned from the SPGES Pilot and they would like to share.




 Why PGES?


 Supt. Casey Allen and Board Member Karen Tilford-Ballard County Schools



 A Partnership for Continuous Improvement


 Supt. James Neihof and Board Member Brenda Jackson-Shelby County Schools



 A Clear Roadmap for Continuous Improvement


 Supt. Owens Saylor-Daviess County Schools  



 Transparent Evidence Collection and Sharing


 Supt. Henry Webb-Floyd County Schools



 Standards and Indicators-The Process for SPGES


 Supt. Anthony Orr-Nelson County Schools



 The E-Portfolio for Evidence Collection


 Supt. Benny Lile-Metcalfe County Schools



 Continuous Improvement and Growth


 Supt. Steve Hutton-Beechwood Ind. Schools



 It's About the Process!


 Supt. Kathy Burkhardt-Erlanger Elmsmere Ind. Schools




 Standards Make an Effective Evaluation Process


 Supt. Elmer Thomas and Board Member Mona Isaacs-Madison County Schools




 Evidence, Growth, Feedback=Continuous Improvement


 Supt. Robin Cochran-Washington County Schools



 Removing Bias=Performance


 Supt. Kelly Middleton and Chief Academic Officer Christi Wright-Newport Ind. Schools




 Collecting and Sharing Evidence


 Supt. Kelly Middleton-Newport Ind. Schools



 Reflection, Feedback, and Collaborative Goals


 Supt. Tom Shelton and Board Member Daryl Love-Fayette County Schools



 Who Does Not Want to Be an Effective Leader?

 Supt. Jim Evans-Lee County Schools
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