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Published: 6/25/2018 12:43 PM

Measuring Student Growth is at the heart of what educators do: ensure student achievement through high quality instructional and assessment practices.

When student growth goals are included in a local district’s personnel evaluation system, the certified evaluation plan (CEP) provides guidance and requirements specific to district development and use. 


Student Growth Goals Use Assessment Literacy Practices 

Educators in every grade level and content area may use classroom evidences and data to construct a Student Growth Goal (SGG). Assessment literacy is the foundation of the SGG which is designed to monitor the improvement of students from one point in time to another during the same academic year. Each year, educators and administrators can use results from multiple assessments of student progress to determine the degree of student growth. 


Median Student Growth Percentiles (MSGP)

Median Student Growth Percentile (MSGP) is no longer a required source of evidence in the evaluation of mathematics and English/language arts teachers, grades 4-8 (Senate Bill 1, 2017). Information about the inclusion of student growth/MSGP in a district’s local personnel evaluation system is included in the local district’s Certified Evaluation Plan (CEP). 

During the 2017-18 school year, MSGP will continue to be calculated by the department of education and will be provided to districts for local use. However, after the 2017-18 school year, the Kentucky Department of Education will no longer provide MSGPs. 

The state contribution for student growth is obtained using students’ test results on state assessments. Once calculated, a rating may be assigned using the following cut scores provided by the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE):

  • Low – below 30th percentile

  • Expected – 30th to 65th percentile

  • High – above 65th percentile

Trend data may also be considered, if available.

The local district CEP contains information related to the role and application of MSGP in the district’s local personnel evaluation system.


To learn more about Student Growth Percentiles, visit Data Release Resources
Median Student Growth Percentile User Guide – Technical guidance on the use of Infinite Campus reporting tools

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