Initial Evaluator Training

Published: 7/27/2015 2:58 PM

According to KRS 156.557 and 704 KAR 3:370, all new evaluators of certified personnel below the level of superintendent must complete the initial training and testing provided by the Kentucky Department of Education (or its approved provider) before completing the summative process. (Evaluators of certified teachers must also complete an additional training, currently provided by Teachscape, to be qualified to conduct classroom observations.)


Initial Evaluator Training
KRS. 156.557 requires all school district administrators having the responsibility of evaluating certified personnel to be trained, tested, and approved in the proper techniques for effectively evaluating certified school employees.
This training is designed to initially approve instructional leaders as evaluators of certified staff.  Upon completion of this two day training, participants will receive twelve (12) hours of Effective Instructional Leadership Credit.
Required for:
All instructional leaders responsible for conducting staff evaluations who have not previously been approved as an evaluator.
New principals need to complete both Teachscape initial certification and the two day Initial Evaluator Training provided by KLA. Teachscape covers observation and the two day training is for review of the regulation and statute as well as the other components of PGES.
Continuing Certification
704 KAR 3:345, Section 6(5), states that continued approval as an evaluator shall be contingent upon the completion of a minimum twelve (12) hours of evaluation training every two (2) years.  (b) This training shall be in any one, or a combination of the following skill areas:
  • Use of the local evaluation process;
  • Identification of effective teaching and management practices;
  • Effective observation and conferencing techniques;
  • Establishing and assisting with certified employee professional growth plans;
  • or summative evaluation techniques.

Completion of training or update in the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program in 704 KAR 20:690 or Kentucky Principal Internship Program in 704 KAR 20:470 not to exceed six (6) hours per two (2) year cycle. 
To meet the continuing certifcation (update) requirement the training does not have to be sponsored through the Kentucky Department of Education Certified Evaluation Program.
To meet this requirement in a most efficient and effective manner, the Department of Education has entered into a partnership agreement with the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA), charging them with the authority to conduct this training for those in need of it. The training provided by KASA will utilize the same content and similar instructional practices as that which has been conducted by the Department of Education in the past. Districts, cooperatives, or education groups schedule trainings by contacting independent trainers.  KASA will charge a fee to participants to cover the cost of materials, trainers, facilities, and refreshments.
To obtain a schedule of training dates and sites for certified personnel evaluation training, or to find registration information, access the Certified Evaluation Training page on the KASA website or call the KASA office at 800/928-KASA.

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