Next-Generation Student Council (NGSC)

Published: 6/27/2016 1:41 PM

Purpose: The Next-Generation Student Council (NGSC) advises the commissioner of education on issues relevant to high school students throughout the state.
In order to gain valuable feedback from Kentucky students and to engage student leaders in learning by doing, the Kentucky education commissioner created the Next-Generation Student Council. This group will meet with the commissioner and Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) staff, both in person and virtually, to discuss how decisions made at the state level are affecting students throughout Kentucky and provide feedback – from a student perspective – on critical issues impacting Kentucky students and schools.

The Next-Generation Student Council is a school year-long program for Kentucky public school students in grades 10-12. The council will play a vital role in providing input regarding issues that face education in Kentucky and work with KDE staff to develop ideas that will work to improve and transform education.
Membership: 11 members in grades 10-12
Meeting Frequency: At least quarterly; one face-to-face per year; Web-based meetings
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