Comprehensive Improvement Planning for Schools and Districts

Published: 5/16/2016 2:47 PM

School and district improvement efforts focus on student needs through a collaborative process involving all stakeholders to establish and address priority needs, district funding, and closing achievement gaps between identified subgroups of students. Additionally, schools and districts build upon their capacity for high-quality planning by making connections between academic resources and available funding to address targeted needs.

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Ø  CDIP and CSIP 2015-16 Due Date is January 4, 2016
Ø  The 2015-16 required goals include:
  • GAP
  • Proficiency
  • Graduation Rate
  • CCR
  • Novice Reduction (New goal for 2015-16; schools are expected to reduce novice by 50% by 2020)
Ø  2015-16 State Goals Update
  • To meet the January 4 deadline for creating CDIPs and CSIPs, schools and districts should continue to use their current School Report Card (SRC) data to determine objectives that drive the planning process and student achievement. When entering goals into ASSIST, school/district staff may create their own state goals. Please use these guidelines for creating state goals:
    • GAP and Proficiency Delivery Targets have been released and are updated in the School Report Card and should be incorporated into district and school plans.
    • State graduation rate goals will be released within the next two weeks.
    • For college and career readiness (CCR), schools should use the calculation of state goals formula below (also found in the School Report Card) to set general goals, followed by objectives, strategies and activities that address school/district level SRC data.
      • The state CCR baseline rate in 2009-2010 was 34%. To compute the five-year goal, this rate is subtracted from 100 (100 - 34 = 66), then divided by 2 (66/2 = 33) and added back to the 2009-2010 baseline score (34 + 33 = 67). This results in a state CCR five-year delivery goal of 67%.
    • For Novice Reduction, the state goal is to reduce the overall percentage of students scoring at the novice level in reading and math by 50% over the next five years. Please remember the Gap category of Next-Generation Learners continues to report the percentage of the non-duplicated gap group students scoring at proficient and distinguished in all content area tests.
Ø  Middle School CCR Goal (all grade levels, Math and Reading) for 2015-16:
  • Due to the absence of EXPLORE data in 2015-16, middle school College and Career Readiness (CCR) goals should be derived from K-PREP data. The cut scores for proficient performance on K-PREP were linked to ACT benchmarks in 2012. Thus, students scoring at the proficient and distinguished levels on K-PREP are determined to be on track toward meeting or exceeding college benchmarks. Objectives, strategies and activities pertaining to the CCR goal should be developed for students failing to reach the proficient or distinguished level as measured by K-PREP.
Ø  PGES Goal is optional for 2015-16
Ø  School Safety Diagnostics per SB8/HB354
  • SB8/HB354 requires superintendent verification of compliance to the Kentucky Department of Education by November 1 annually that all schools in the district are in compliance with the requirements of the law.  This submission should occur by answering the Safe School Diagnostic in the CDIP via ASSIST.
  • The school level safety assurances must be completed in the school’s CSIP via ASSIST by January 4 which aligns with the CSIP due date.
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