Alternative Education Programs

Published: 6/10/2014 2:47 PM


Our mission is to provide guidance and assistance to Kentucky Alternative Education programs and ensure continuous improvement in instruction, practices and curriculum to help all Kentucky students to be college and career ready. 


Provide support services, technical assistance and resources to ensure state regulations are implemented.
Collect and analyze data for the purpose of continuous school improvement. 
Collect evidence of best practices and research based instructional methods.
Ensure all students have equitable access to district resources and qualified teachers.
Review program and district’s transitional documented policies and procedures to ensure a successful transition from alternative programs/schools to transferring school.
To address the challenges of preparing all students to graduate college and career ready, the Kentucky Department of Education has promulgated a regulation, 704 KAR 19:002. The Alternative Education Programs regulation will be implemented during the 2013-2014 school year.
Frequently Asked Questions, September 9, 2013
This report was produced to help give an accurate picture of alternative programs in Kentucky.  Data was collected through the state student information system (Infinite Campus) and self-reporting surveys from alternative programs throughout the state.  This report was reviewed by the following outside agencies:
Districts with alternative programs and districts without alternative programs.
Report cards for alternative schools are now available for review through KDE's Open House.  These reports will assist with quality, accountability and awareness for our alternative programs in Kentucky.
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