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Published: 2/25/2015 2:06 PM

​MUNIS is the financial software package used in all 173 Kentucky School Districts. Instructions and explanations to allow for consistent reporting of required school district financial information are provided.  There are also links to other associated sources.


expand Title : Accounts Payable ‎(1)
Electronic Check Reconciliation Setup AP.docxElectronic Check Reconciliation Setup APAccounts PayableMUNIS Guide
expand Title : Budgets ‎(7)
Next Year Budget Repts BD 1.docxNext Year Budget Repts BD 1BudgetsMUNIS Guide - The next year budget reports includes several reporting options that provide budget information for a specified Budget Projection or accounts within a budget projection.
Tentative and Working Budget Submission Guide 2016.docTentative and Working Budget Submission Guide 2016BudgetsMUNIS Guide - Tentative and Working Budet Subission Guide
Working Budget -Fund 400 Powerpoint.pptxWorking Budget -Fund 400 PowerpointBudgetsMUNIS Guide -
expand Title : Budgets & General Ledger - Miscellaneous ‎(6)
COA Changes.docxCOA ChangesBudgets & General Ledger - MiscellaneousMUNIS Guide -
How to Add an Annual Fund.docxHow to Add an Annual FundBudgets & General Ledger - MiscellaneousMUNIS Guide - How to Add a Annual Fund
Mass Create BGL 5.docxMass Create BGL 5Budgets & General Ledger - MiscellaneousMUNIS Guide - How to mass create new projects and accounts.
expand Title : Fixed Assets ‎(9)
Adding Assets.docxAdding AssetsFixed AssetsMUNIS Guide - Procedures for adding and posting new assets.
Depreciating Fixed Assets.docxDepreciating Fixed AssetsFixed AssetsMUNIS Guide - Procedures for processing Depreciation in Munis.
Fixed Asset Discrepancy Report.docxFixed Asset Discrepancy ReportFixed AssetsMUNIS Guide - Procedures for producing the Fixed Asset Discrepancy Report.
GASB34_Report Generaltion for KY Districts v3.docxGASB34_Report Generaltion for KY Districts v3Fixed AssetsMUNIS Guide - Document on producing the GASB #34 reports in Munis. Please note, KDE does not recommend using these reports due to chart of account changes however they are available to be used as an Excel template.
Retiring Fixed Assets.docxRetiring Fixed AssetsFixed AssetsMUNIS Guide - Procedures for Retiring Fixed Assets in Munis.
expand Title : General Ledger - Year End ‎(6)
Audited AFR Submission Guide 2015 final.docAudited AFR Submission Guide 2015 finalGeneral Ledger - Year EndMUNIS Guide - Error Guide and instructions for submitting the yearly Un-Audited AFR and Balance Sheet data to KDE.
Munis Annual Financial Report Guide STW GL 2.docxMunis Annual Financial Report Guide STW GL 2General Ledger - Year EndMUNIS Guide - Guide on creating and submitting Annual Financial Report (AFR) from Munis to KDE.
Un Audited AFR Submission Guide 2015.docUn Audited AFR Submission Guide 2015General Ledger - Year EndMUNIS Guide - Instructions for submitting the yearly Un-Audited AFR and Balance Sheet data to KDE.
expand Title : General Ledger & Statewide Reports ‎(6)
Historical Actuals Comparison STW GL 8.docxHistorical Actuals Comparison STW GL 8General Ledger & Statewide ReportsMUNIS Guide - Description here
PROJECT BUDGET REPORT.docxPROJECT BUDGET REPORTGeneral Ledger & Statewide ReportsMUNIS Guide - Instructions on running the project budget report.
Year to Date Budget Report.docxYear to Date Budget ReportGeneral Ledger & Statewide ReportsMUNIS Guide - Description here
expand Title : Payroll ‎(1)
expand Title : Payroll - Retirement Reporting ‎(5)
KTRS Pathway Generate Instructions.docxKTRS Pathway Generate InstructionsPayroll - Retirement ReportingMunis Guide - Instructions on the per payroll process in Munis to create a file for submission to KTRS Pathway.
KYCERS EOY START Reporting.docxKYCERS EOY START ReportingPayroll - Retirement ReportingMUNIS Guide - Guide on the creation and submission of the KYCERS Start EOY Report.
expand Title : Payroll - Statewide ‎(11)
Deferred Compensation Report.docxDeferred Compensation ReportPayroll - StatewideMUNIS Guide - Instructions on how to setup and create an electronic file for submission to Kentucky Deferred Comp
KY Employee Benefits FAQ.docxKY Employee Benefits FAQPayroll - StatewideMUNIS Guide - Description here
KY New Hire Report PR-STW7.docxKY New Hire Report PR-STW7Payroll - StatewideMUNIS Guide -
Salary Tables and Mass Step Increases.docxSalary Tables and Mass Step IncreasesPayroll - StatewideMUNIS Guide - Generating Salary Tables, Processing Mass Step Increases & Mass Contract Changes
Setting Up Job Salary.docxSetting Up Job SalaryPayroll - StatewideMUNIS Guide - Procedures for setting up Job/Salary records that conform to various required Kentucky reports
expand Title : PSD & CSD Reporting ‎(3)
Create PSD CSD Files for Submission.docxCreate PSD CSD Files for SubmissionPSD & CSD ReportingMUNIS Guide - Description here
PSD Report PR STW 4.docxPSD Report PR STW 4PSD & CSD Reporting MUNIS Guide - Guide on producing the Professional Staff Data (PSD) report for certified employees.
expand Title : Purchase Orders ‎(2)
Processing POs Year End (PO-PER-2).docxProcessing POs Year End (PO-PER-2)Purchase OrdersMUNIS Guide - How to process purchase order during the year end process.
expand Title : System and Cloud Administration ‎(14)
Cloud Support Contacts.docxCloud Support ContactsSystem and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide - Provides various support contact numbers
KY Cloud File Transfer.docKY Cloud File TransferSystem and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide - Describes the cloud program that allows users to download and upload cloud files from a user's workstation or shared drive.
KY Cloud MUNIS Program Updates.docKY Cloud MUNIS Program UpdatesSystem and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide – Provides Instruction in installing updates using the MUNIS Internet Update (MIU) for those districts on MUNIS v10.3
KY Cloud Single Sign-On.docxKY Cloud Single Sign-OnSystem and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide
MUNIS Infrastructure Migration District Operations Guide.docMUNIS Infrastructure Migration District Operations GuideSystem and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide - Describles the operations districts must complete to maintain the MUNIS Cloud System, and the avenues available to access Tyler and KDE Support (updated 8/31/15)
MUNIS System Admin (MSA-10).docxMUNIS System Admin (MSA-10)System and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide - Provides instructions in basic system administration including setting up Munis users and basic settings.
User Account Maintenance (MSA-6).docUser Account Maintenance (MSA-6)System and Cloud AdministrationMUNIS Guide - Provides instructions on adding Munis users and user account maintenance.
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