Textbooks/Instructional Materials

Published: 3/29/2017 2:40 PM

​These pages contain information for schools, districts, parents and other interested parties on Kentucky's textbook and instructional materials selection process.​​​

Page Descriptions
Below you will find links and descriptions of the pages in the left hand navigation of the textbook webpages.
This page provides links to the current State Multiple Lists for each subject area.
District Off-List Notification Information
This page provides guidance to schools and districts for the purchase of basal print and digital resources not found on a current State Multiple List.
Sample Purchasing Plan
This page provides a sample Textbook Purchasing Plan for districts to use as a guide.
State Textbook Commission
This page provides meeting dates, meeting minutes, and other information about Kentucky’s State Textbook Commission.
Textbook Adoption Updates
This page provides links to current and past issues of “Textbook Adoption Updates” – a newsletter for district textbook coordinators.
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