Global Competency

Published: 4/13/2016 12:24 PM
​Kentucky's Students as Citizens of the World
Global competence is critical for innovation in the 21st century. Educational approaches sensitive to our changing world infuse global awareness and cultural understanding into everyday classroom practices, while also utilizing the technological resources available to teachers and students today. A learning environment rooted in global competence empowers teachers and students to develop deep cultural knowledge and explore the ways in which culture influences identities and worldviews. Teachers and students also engage with world issues and challenges, and conceptualize ways to address them together. Openness and curiosity are developed and are critical to global perspective-building and problem-solving processes. 
Definition of Global Competency
To borrow from an NEA policy brief on the issue, this means that students acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues and an appreciation of and ability to learn and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language, and the skills to function productively in an interdependent world community.
Resolution Supporting Global Readiness for Kentucky Students
The Kentucky Board of Education, at its June 2014 meeting, reiterated a commitment to this global focus and Commissioner Holliday pledged support to elementary and middle schools wishing to ‘learn and launch’ global competency and world language programs that support these aspirations. The board unanimously passed a resolution at it's August meeting supporting these goals, which are outlined in detail in Kentucky's Global Education Position Statement.
Global Competency/World Languages on Kentucky Teacher
Please visit the Global Competency/World Languages page on Kentucky Teacher which highlights how world languages and global competency are being taught and learned in schools across Kentucky. Information will be posted regularly, so be sure to visit often for updates.
Program Review Changes
Global Competency has now been included in the World Language and Global Competency Program Review in order to support this effort. Many high schools have world language classes and some students experience “survey” courses of language or culture. By putting global competency in the forefront, Kentucky is making clear the need for an integrated approach across all content areas for ALL students to meet the challenges of the 21st century and our “flattened” world.

Supporting this resolution are:
  • A revised timeline for the World Language and Global Competency Program Reviews
  • Inclusion of global competence into the revised draft of the new Kentucky social studies standards
  • Availability of $200, 000 in “Learn and Launch” grants to create the Kentucky School Global Network
  • Comprehensive plan for professional learning and resources for global competence
  • Partnering with organizations such as VIF International, the Asia Society and our post-secondary institutions to provide expertise and support
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