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Published: 12/17/2012 3:24 PM


Security guideline for Kentucky K-12 School districts

This document establishes a standard Security guideline for Kentucky K-12 School districts.   The Kentucky State Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) performs an annual IT Security Audit for the Kentucky Department of Education that includes a security vulnerability scan and assessment of the KETS Network and all 174 Districts.

Security Best Practice.doc  Security Best Practices.pdf

KETS Server Consolidation Virtualization Case Study

This study is based on the responses of six Kentucky school districts to a series of questions about their server consolidation virtualization projects.  It is intended to provide planning information and help set expectations for other districts that are considering new virtualization projects or expansions of existing virtualization environments.

Server Consolidation Case Study.xls

House Bill 341 Data Breach Notification

“The intent of the study requested by the legislature was to provide some general guidelines and recommendations to KDE and school districts related to some basic measures that can be considered to protect and prevent the access to restricted personal information by any person that does not have the proper access rights, authority or the “need to know” (a.k.a., an unauthorized person) and to provide some considerations and protocols in regards to notifying any affected individual should this type of information be made available in paper or electronic form to any unauthorized person.” – Excerpt from the HB 341 study

HB 341 Data Security Study (2).docHB 341 Data Security Study (2).doc

HB 341 document

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