Instructional Device Price Sheets

Published: 7/30/2015 9:11 AM

The following vendors hold KETS Instructional Device contracts that are available to be used for by the K-12 public Districts and Schools within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.   Below are the price sheets provided by the contract holders.  Specific questions about products, pricing and ordering information should be directed to the appropriate vendor contact.

Apple Inc.
Education Sales Support
PO Box 149116
Austin, TX 78714
For information, contact: Sean Lloyd (502) 619-1020, email
For Quotes, contact: Andrew Arredondo (800) 800-2775 Ext. 46506, email –
Send orders to: Mail or fax orders to Apple Inc.; Education Sales Support; PO Box 149116; Austin TX 78714; FAX: 866-261-4051
Go to Apple’s KETS Contract Web site for e-quotes & online ordering:  KETS Instructional Device Contract MA-758-1000000240
For warranty service call: (800) 519-3650

Apple Contract Number: MA-758-1000000240
Dell, Inc.
One Dell Way
Box 8716
Round Rock, TX 78682
For information, contact: Tom Tipton (859) 433-4337, email -
Send orders to: Dell Inc., Fax (512) 283-0050
For Quotes Contact:
Tara Thomas, (512) 513-9116 FAX: (512) 283-0050 or email -,
Mike Massey, (512) 513-9152 FAX: (512) 283-7645 or email -
Allissa Jonsson, (512) 513-9774 FAX: (512) 283-3926 or email -,
Go to Dell’s KETS Contract Web site for e-quotes & online ordering: KETS Instructional Device Contract MA-758-1000000239
Place orders online via Dell Premier at (log into your specific School District page):
For warranty service call: MCPc Dell KeTS Warranty Support at (855)877-DELL (3355) or email
Dell Service Agent: 
     MCPC, Mike Phelps- Office: (859)575-6111 Fax: (859) 575-6116, email -
     Quote inquiries please contact the MCPC KETS Team - Office: 855-880-DELL (3355), email

Dell Contract Number:  MA-758-1000000239
Hewlett Packard
Public Sector Sales K-12
10810 Farnam Drive
Omaha, NE 68154
For information, contact: Tina Segneri (859) 361-8544; email – or Logen Rupp (866) 625-1637; email –
Send orders to: Hewlett Packard, Fax – (800) 825-2329; email –
Go to Hewlett Packard’s KETS Contract Web site for e-quotes & online ordering: KETS Instructional Device Contract MA-758-1000000237
For Warranty Service call: 800-HP-INVENT
Hewlett Packard Service Agent: 
  Prosys Information Systems- Joe Sandknop, Phone- (859) 887-8325, email-
  For Quotes and Order Status- Tricia Wilson, Phone- (859) 887-8326, email-  

HP- MA-758-1000000237


Jessica Abbott
Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services
Division of Engineering and Management Services
15 Fountain Place
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2020 ext. 2448
Fax (502) 564-1519