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​The ACT program is a comprehensive system for collecting and reporting information about students planning to enter postsecondary education.

​The program consists of four major components:
Tests of Educational Development
The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. The tests emphasize reasoning, analysis, problem solving, and the integration of learning from various sources, as well as the application of these proficiencies to the kinds of tasks college students are expected to perform.
Course/Grade Information Section
This component provides 30 self-reported high school grades in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, language, and the arts. The courses include those that customarily form the core of a college preparatory curriculum and are frequently required for admission to college.
Student Profile Section (SPS)
The SPS contains information reported by students, in such categories as educational plans, interests, and needs, financial aid, and demographic background information.
The ACT Interest Inventory
This 72-item survey reports scores that parallel six interest and occupational types, helping students identify majors consistent with their interests.
The ACT assessment is administered each spring to all Kentucky public school grade 11 students.



ACT’s new Learning Management Team offered Data Interpretation and Instructional Support Workshops across Kentucky this summer. ACT consultants worked with educators face-to-face to analyze data and identify implications for curriculum and instruction. The interactive workshop was designed to help educators improve student learning by using ACT solutions to make data-informed decisions.


See the ACT Data Interpretation and Instructional Support pdf for workshop overview and objectives. These workshops were offered at




2014-15 DAC Guide for ACT, Explore, Plan, QualityCore EOC, Compass and WorkKeys


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Test Administration




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