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The Division of Support and Research is charged with supporting the efforts of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and school level personnel as they implement Kentucky’s new assessment and accountability system, Unbridled Learning: College/Career-Ready for All.

From the logistics of testing, to the Administration Code, the interpretation of the Kentucky Assessment results and the application of test results to the improvement of instruction, the Division of Support and Research aids the efforts for all schools to reach proficiency.

Below are e-mails sent from the Communications Branch of the Division of Support and Research in the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) to DACs.

Individual e-mails provide reminders of upcoming events and deadlines, address changes in policy and procedure, answer frequently asked questions, and provide documents and forms to those implementing state assessments in the field, including K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, COMPASS and End-of-Course (QualityCore) Assessments.

DAC Email 20141215.docx
12/15/2014Updated AMOs, EOC Early Warning Report in IC, KOSSA Required Actions, ACT QualityCore Webinar, ACT Enrollment Confirmation Window, ACT Off-Site Testing Proposal, SDRR Open, Final Public Release Spreadsheets Available for Download
Special DAC Email 20141211.docx
12/11/2014Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) Open for ACCESS for ELLs Rosters and EOC Nonparticipation
DAC Email 20141208.docx
12/8/2014SDRR Unavailable, Updated SRC, Final Public Release Spreadsheets for Download, Alternate K-PREP Test Window Ending, Score Entry in SRD Closing, ACCESS for ELLs Field Test, College Ready Status File, KOSSA, WorkKeys Paper and Accommodated Form Testing
Special DAC Email 20141207.docx
12/7/2014School Report Card Updates Including Addition of Advance Placement (AP) Information
DAC Email 20141201.docx
12/1/20142016 ACT Dates, Testing Reminder Tip of the Week, Alternate K-PREP Science
DAC Email 20141124.docx
11/24/2014Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Tips, Compass College Ready Status File, Alternate K-PREP Science Information and Plans, Alternate Assessment Accountability Folder (AAAF),  EOC Rosters Open for Nonparticipation, ACT WorkKeys
Special DAC Email 20141119.docx
11/19/2014ACCESS for ELLs Training Videos, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Online Field Testing
DAC Email 20141117.docx
11/17/2014Deadline for Dropout Data in SDRR, Printing from the School Report Card (SRC)
DAC Email 20141110.docx
11/10/2014ACT Test Administration Training and Q&A Registration, ACCESS For ELLs Training, Alternate ACCESS For ELLs Training, Administration Code/Inclusion of Special Populations Training
DAC Email 20141103.docx
11/3/2014Dropout Data Review, ACT Test Administration Training, Focus School Spreadsheet in Open House
DAC Email 20141027.docx
10/27/2014Focus School Spreadsheet in Open House, Alternate K-PREP Window Opens November 3, Alternate K-PREP Seating Charts, ACCESS for ELLs Pre-ID Labels, Survey Concerning ACT Scores Loaded in Infinite Campus
DAC Email 20141020.docx
10/20/2014Data Review - New Data Release, Focus Schools Details in Open House (Supplemental Data)
DAC Email 20141013.docx
10/13/2014Administration Code Training, Data Review, Pearson Individual Student Reports, ACT Test Accommodations, KECSAC Tab in IC, Adjusted Cohort Graduation Training, Retention and Transition Data, ACT Compass Maintenance Schedule
Special DAC Email 20141007.docx
10/7/201410-Day Regulatory Data Review
DAC Email 20141006.docx
10/6/2014Focus and High Progress Labels on the School Report Card (SRC), SRC Workbook, Cohort Graduation Rate, ACT Site Establishment, Alternate K-PREP Attainment Tasks Training Closing, ACT Compass 5.0 Pilot, Retention Data Collection
DAC Email 20140929.docx
9/29/2014Changes from Quality Control Day, Embargoed Data Available October 1, ACT Explore and ACT Plan Testing, WorkKeys Webinar, Dropout Guidelines
DAC Email 20140922.docx
9/22/2014Quality Control Day Systemic Issues, ACT Test Site Establishment, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Online Field Testing
DAC Email 20140915.docx
9/15/2014Quality Control (QC) Day, KDE Calculator Policy, Dropout Guidelines, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Webinars, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training
Special DAC Email 20140910.docx
9/10/2014ACT Explore and ACT Plan Rosters Open in SDRR
DAC Email 20140908.docx
9/8/2014QC Day: New Baselines & New Suppression Rules, New Compass and KYOTE Trainings, Cohort Graduation Rate, KAAC Conference, Dropout Guidelines
Special DAC Email 20140908 SRC 3.docx
9/8/2014SRC Data Validation and Entry Almost Complete, Limiting Access, Calculating the Program Review (PR) Data, Communicationg Concerns with PR Data, How to Access the SRC
DAC Email 20140902.docx
9/2/2014ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Testing Windows, Dropout Guidelines, 2015 NAEP Administration, Administration Code Training Materials, Tactically Enhanced Materials for Alternate Assessment Students, ACT Establishment Process, ACT CCR Standards
Special DAC Email 20140827.docx
8/27/2014Quality Control (QC) Data Review Ends August 27 for New Change Requests
DAC Email 20140825.docx
8/25/2014Science Assessment Update from Dr. Holliday, New Trainings Available: Assessment Regulations, Back-to-School for DACs/BACs, ACT QualityCore EOC, SDRR, SDRR Resources and Clarifications Update
Special DAC Email 20140820.docx
8/20/2014QC Data Review Updates: Compass Data from KCTCS, Alternate K-PREP Grade 5 Writing, KYOTE Scores, ACT Explore and Plan Materials Ordering DEADLINE
Special DAC Email 20140818.docx
8/18/2014QualityControl (QC) Data Review Open, Data Spreadsheets Available, Format of Student Listing Spreadsheet, Accessing the Data Spreadsheet on Secure Applications, Data Sharing, Assistance with QC Data Review
DAC Email 20140818.docx
8/18/2014QC Data Review Open, ACT Explore and Plan Off-Grade Testing, ACT Scores Available in Infinite Campus, Alternate K-PREP Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks (AT) Training
Special DAC Email 20140812 SRC 3.docx
8/12/2014SRC Deadlines, Frequently Asked Questions and Clarifications
DAC Email 20140811.docx
8/11/2014Fall Data Review Dates, Data Review Training, Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Regulations Training Materials, KYOTE Writing Exam Scorers, ACT WorkKeys
DAC Email 20140804.docx
8/4/2014KDE Calculator Policy, SDRR Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate Student Listing, First Release of 2014 K-PREP Student Test Data, ACT Explore and Plan Online Ordering Application,
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