Published: 6/24/2013 11:11 AM

The Division of Support and Research is charged with supporting the efforts of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and school level personnel as they implement Kentucky’s new assessment and accountability system, Unbridled Learning: College/Career-Ready for All.

From the logistics of testing, to the Administration Code, the interpretation of the Kentucky Assessment results and the application of test results to the improvement of instruction, the Division of Support and Research aids the efforts for all schools to reach proficiency.

Below are e-mails sent from the Communications Branch of the Division of Support and Research in the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) to DACs.

Individual e-mails provide reminders of upcoming events and deadlines, address changes in policy and procedure, answer frequently asked questions, and provide documents and forms to those implementing state assessments in the field, including K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, COMPASS and End-of-Course (QualityCore) Assessments.

DAC Email 20160725.docx
7/25/2016ACCESS for ELLs Data Review, Program Review Update, ESSA Feedback to Commissioner Pruitt, Alternate Assessment Email List
DAC Email 20160718.docx
7/18/2016Fall Data Reporting, KDE Office Name Changes, ACT Compass Scores in IC, July DAC Monthly Webcast, KOSSA Deadline, ACT WorkKeys Deadline
Special DAC Email 20160712 SRCC.docx
7/12/2016School Report Card Contact (SRCC) Email #2, School Report Card Open for Validation and Data Entry of Learning Environment and Finance Tabs
Special DAC Email 20160712.docx
7/12/2016July DAC Monthly Webcast Live Link and PowerPoint
DAC Email 20160711.docx
7/11/2016College and Career Readiness Goals in Open House, Cohort Student Listings, Graduation End Status for 2015-16 Graduates, Summer Graduates, Graduation End Status for Alternate Assessment Students
Special DAC Email 20160706.docx
7/6/2016July DAC Webcast Change, ACT National Scores in IC, School Report Card Opening for Verification, Cohort Student Listings
DAC Email 20160627.docx
6/27/2016School Service Area (Reconfiguration) Change Requests, Cohort 4-Year and 5-Year Student Listings
DAC Email 20160620.docx
6/20/2016Commissioner's Accountability Steering Committee, New DAC Training from KAAC
DAC Email 20160613.docx
6/13/2016Compass Scores Loaded into IC, ACT QualityCore (EOC) Summer Session Pre-Printed Materials, Proposal Submission for Scott Trimble Assessment Workshop (KAAC), School Service Area Reconfiguration Requests, Cohort 5-Year and 4-Year Student Listings
Special DAC Email 20160609 DAC Webcast.docx
6/9/2016June DAC Webcast Cancelled
Special DAC Email 20160609.docx
6/9/2016New Members Join Kentucky Board of Education (KBE), KBE Meeting Focuses on Accountability
DAC Email 20160606.docx
6/6/2016Commissioner's Virtual Town Hall Meeting, ACT Scores in IC, June DAC Webcast Cancelled
Special DAC Email 20160531.docx
5/31/2016Alternate K-PREP Standards Validation, Student Registration Database (SRD), Early Graduation Updates, DAC/BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms, QualityCore System Maintenance, Cohort Listing, Reconfiguration Requests
DAC Email 20160523.docx
5/23/2016DAC and SRRC Information Updates, Scott Trimble Workshop on Instruction and Assessment - Call for Proposals, SDRR Feedback Survey, Program Review Data in ASSIST
Special DAC Email 20160519.docx
5/19/2016Emergency Network Maintenance on All Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Web Applications
DAC Email 20160516.docx
5/16/2016ACT QualityCore EOC Algebra II Scores, May DAC Monthly Webcast, Individualized Education Plans (IEP) Not Synching Between District and State Editions of Infinite Campus (IC)
Special DAC Email 20160512 DAC Webcast.docx
5/12/2016May DAC Monthly Webcast
Special DAC Email 20160512.docx
5/12/2016End-of-Course (EOC) Technical Issues
Special DAC Email 20160511.docx
5/11/2016ACT QualityCore EOC Algebra II Assessments
Special DAC Email 20160510.docx
5/10/2016Leaving Flags on Display During K-PREP Testing
DAC Email 20160509.docx
5/9/2016K-PREP Accommodated Testing Form, Notify OAA of DAC Changes, Syncing Issue of IEPs in IC, K-PREP Text Reader Tech Specs, Cohort 2014-15 and 2015-16 Student Listings, School Service Area Reconfiguration Requests, Gen Ed Teachers for Summer Alt K-PREP Work
Special DAC Email 20160506.docx
5/6/2016End-of-Course (EOC) Algebra II Misprinted Materials
DAC Email 20160502.docx
5/3/2016ACT National Scores Loaded into IC, Scott Trimble Assessment Workshop Call for Proposals, BAC and DAC of the Year Nominations, Cohort Graduation, KOSSA Updates, ACT WorkKeys
Special DAC Email 20160428.docx
4/28/2016Issue Identified in Pre-Populated Student Information for K-PREP Materials
Special DAC Email 20160427.docx
4/27/2016Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) Open
DAC Email 20160425.docx
4/25/2016Test Preparation, QualityCore Rosters, Revised K-PREP Grade 5 TAM, KAAC 2016-17 New DAC Informational Seminar, 2016 TRACK Testing Window, 2016 KOSSA Pilot Window
DAC Email 20160418.docx
4/18/20162016 K-PREP Grade 5 TAM, SDRR Opening April 27, April DAC Monthly Webcast Recording, QualityCore Aggregate Reports, KOSSA Results, Feedback on Kentucky Waiver Request, SRD Clean-Up for Alternate Assessment, Alternate K-PREP Window 2, SRD Open
Special DAC Email 20160415 SRCC.docx
4/15/2016School Report Card Contact (SRCC) Email #1, Verify Geographic Coordinates by April 30, SAAR Report Due June 30
Special DAC Email 20160414.docx
4/14/2016April DAC Webcast Topics: Alternative School Track Back in SDRR, Alternate Assessment Clean Up, ACT QualityCore Ordering, ACT Score Reports
DAC Email 20160411.docx
4/11/2016OAA Site Visits, February DAC Meeting Materials and Videos, ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports, SDRR Sandbox, KYOTE Scores Loaded into IC
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