Engineering and Technology Education

Published: 3/3/2016 5:03 PM

Engineering and Technology courses develop and enhance students' technological literacy or understanding of how technological systems function and impact society, the environment, and the global economy. Engineering and Technology is activity based and includes topics related to invention, intervention, and innovation.

​​Foundations of Energy
This course is an outgrowth of the “The Big Picture” which identified major components of energy education needed by secondary students.
Project Lead the Way (PLTW)
The primary goal of PLTW is to grow the nation's technology workforce (engineers and technicians). Currently, 1,300,000 engineering/engineering technology jobs are available in the U.S. without trained people to fill them. The PLTW curriculum provides the kind of student work that helps students reach higher standards in the academic core
The mission of The Institute for Aerospace Education is to improve STEM learning through the context of aerospace career pathways.  The Institute, the largest aerospace education network in the world, helps schools build their aerospace programs so that students earn industry certifications and dual college credit.  To prepare students for the aerospace workplace, the Institute connects direct to the industry.  For more information you can contact Dr. Tim Smith at , by phone at (502) 320-9490 or John Thompson at KDE.
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