TRACK: Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky

Published: 7/15/2015 3:07 PM


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TRACK’s First Year Deemed Successful as Plans to Expand Move Forward

The Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK) program finished its pilot year with all of the student participants moving into fulltime apprenticeships with their industry partners. (Read More)

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​TRACK Overview

The TRACK program is a partnership between The Office of Career and Technical Education and The Kentucky Labor Cabinet to provide pre-apprenticeship opportunities to secondary students. This is an industry driven program to create a pipeline for students to enter post-secondary apprenticeship training.
Fall 2013 will be a pilot program for thirteen high school technology centers in manufacturing.  The employer will choose from the manufacturing course offerings at the school to design their program. A minimum of 4 courses are required, with one of the courses being a cooperative education placement.
Upon successful completion, the student will be awarded an industry certification by the employer through The Labor Cabinet and all on-the-job hours worked will be counted towards the apprenticeship.  The certification will also count towards the local school district’s college and career ready accountability index. 
There are no costs involved except wages for the student employee.  The employer must have a registered apprenticeship program with The Kentucky Labor Cabinet. 
Please contact Mary Taylor to find out more about this exciting new opportunity to help develop Kentucky’s future workforce!
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