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Published: 9/25/2015 2:25 PM
Requirements for Kentucky School Calendars
The balance between providing a safe and healthy school environment and ensuring that children receive the instructional time they deserve is sometimes difficult to maintain. But, with thoughtful calendar planning, the struggle to meet the mandates of state law related to time in school can be eased.” - Kentucky Commissioner Terry Holliday, Ph.D.


Use this link to submit your Original school calendar after April 15, 2015  (Login with your Web ID and click on KY School Calendar link.)  Amended school calendars may not be submitted until after the end of the school term. Submissions will not be allowed until after June 5, 2015.

School Calendar Requirements in 2014 House Bill 211

The minimum school term shall be one hundred eighty-five (185) days, including at least 1,062 instructional hours in no less than 170 student attendance days. A board of education may extend its term beyond the minimum term. Please refer to KRS 158.070 and 702 KAR 7:140 for additional calendar requirements.

School Term
The school term shall include, at a minimum, 1,062 instructional hours and no less than 170 student attendance days.
Original Calendar
The local board of education, upon recommendation of the local school district superintendent, shall adopt a school calendar for the upcoming school year that establishes the opening and closing dates of the school term, beginning and ending dates of each month, instructional days, and days on which schools shall be dismissed. The local board may schedule days for breaks in the school calendar that shall not be counted as a part of the minimum school term. The original calendar shall be submitted to the KDE (Kentucky Department of Education) prior to June 30.
Apply for a Non-Traditional School Calendar
Amended Calendar                                                                                                                          
At the end of the school term, an amended calendar shall be approved by the local board of education and submitted to KDE for review no later than June 30. The amended calendar must have each weekday designated in Infinite Campus as a Day Event Type (opening, closing, holiday, professional development, planning, regular, teacher equivalency, disaster, break, other or weather). 
School Calendar Summaries

2012-13 Original and Amended

2011-12 Original and Amended

2010-11 Original and Amended

2009-10 Original and Amended

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