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Published: 5/20/2016 4:50 PM
Requirements for Kentucky School Calendars
Kentucky School calendar requirements are set in statute and regulation. This information may be found in Section 2 of the Kentucky Pupil Attendance Manual.
End of Year Video Training (coming soon)

End of Year Power Point Presentation (Submission of Original and Amended)

Annual Submission
Link to Submit Original and Amended School Calendars  (Login with your Web ID and click on KY School Calendar link.) 
Please note - you should not submit your Amended calendar until after your school year has concluded. 


Original Calendar

The local board of education, upon recommendation of the local school district superintendent, shall adopt a school calendar for the upcoming school year. The Original calendar shall be submitted to the KDE (Kentucky Department of Education) prior to June 30. (The Original calendar is the plan for the next school year.)
Apply for a Non-Traditional School Calendar
Amended Calendar      
Amending 2015-16 Calendars                                                                                             
At the end of the school term, an Amended calendar shall be approved by the local board of education and submitted to KDE for review no later than June 30. (The Amended calendar shows what actually happened for the current school year.)
Annual School Calendar Summaries

2012-13 Original and Amended

2011-12 Original and Amended

2010-11 Original and Amended

2009-10 Original and Amended

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