Data Requests

Published: 11/17/2014 9:23 AM


Before beginning the data request process, all requesters are expected to check public data repositories to see if the data may already be available. 

  • Open House is a one-stop-shop for Kentucky’s public education data.
  • School Report Card provides detailed information (including downloadable datasets) about each school and district, including test performance, teacher qualifications, student safety, awards, parent involvement and much more.
  • Kentucky Center for Education & Workforce Statistics (KCEWS) provides a statewide longitudinal data system, responds to requests for data and information, and provides reports on a number of topical areas. 
  • National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing education data. NCES provides numerous publications and statistics to serve the research, education and other interested communities.


Data Request and Approval Process Documents


KDE Data Request Form | This form must be filled out for any type of data request and submitted through the KDE Data Request mailbox. This includes both requests that do and requests that do not involve personally identifiable information and submitted by either internal or external customers. Requests that include personally identifiable information (PII) must be sponsored by a KDE associate commissioner.

KDE will consider each request on a case by case basis. Decisions are based on many factors including alignment of the research with the department's research plan and availability of staff resources.

A fully executed memorandum of understanding (MOU) will be required for requests that include personally identifiable information (PII). Downloadable KDE approved MOU templates are provided below.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template and exhibits for requests under the FERPA exception to carry out evaluations, audits, or compliance activities

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template and exhibits for requests under the FERPA exception to conduct studies
This document is a summary of the requirements for the written agreements under the studies exception and the audit or evaluation exception as specified in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).The mandatory elements of the agreements vary slightly between the two exceptions.  
Internal Data Requests, External Data Requests | These graphics provide an overview of the review and workflow process for data requests that involve personally identifiable information (PII).


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