Qualifying Data

Published: 6/8/2015 9:20 AM


Qualifying Data, present and past.

2014-2015 Qualifying Data

*CEP (formerly known as CEO) participating schools have been noted with an asterisk (i.e., *). The CEP schools do not collect household applications but are reimbursed based on a percentage of directly certified students in their schools. For the CEP schools the October enrollment is multiplied by the CEP direct certification percentages as an estimate of free and reduced students. A voluntary alternative income form (known as the Household Income Form (HIF)) is collected on each student for state and federal reporting purposes and entered into Infinite Campus, the statewide student information system. To obtain the free/reduced percentage based on the HIF form please visit the KDE data request website: http://education.ky.gov/districts/tech/pages/datarequests.aspx



2013-2014 Qualifying Data 

2012-2013 Qualifying Data

2011-2012 Qualifying Data

2010-2011 Qualifying Data

2009-2010 Qualifying Data

2008-2009 Qualifying Data

2007-2008 Qualifying Data


CEO Qualifying Data 2011-2012

CEO Qualifying Data 2012-2013

CEP Qualifying Data 2013-2014 

Archived Qualifying Data


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