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Published: 8/12/2015 9:52 AM


From time to time, for a variety of academic and non-academic reasons, parents believe that their children would achieve at a higher level if they were taught by the parents at home, or home-schooled.  While professional educators believe that home-schooling a child is an overwhelming undertaking and urge caution in deciding about their children's education, people who proceed with home schooling need information and assistance to become knowledgeable about what requirements, legal and otherwise, pertain to the establishment and daily operation of a home school.

Rights of the parent
The Kentucky constitution establishes the prerogatives of the parents to choose the formal education for the child. Therefore, parents may choose to homeschool their child. KRS Ann. 159.010(2)

If a parent chooses this option, they take complete responsibility for educating their child .The parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials.  There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option. 
For details on Kentucky laws regarding Homeschools please see the information packet available in useful links and documents.

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