Published: 8/13/2014 4:50 PM


The Capital Construction Process regulation (702 KAR 4:160) has been revised, effective September 6, 2013. A link to the revision is available here.
Current construction projects that are in progress with an approved BG-1 do not have to resubmit signed contracts or previously approved forms. Projects in progress should use the new forms as the project enters upcoming phases. All new construction projects should follow the revised regulation.
KDE is working with AIA to provide KDE-versions of the standard contracts which will be available through AIA’s Documents on Demand. This would eliminate the need for KDE Amendments to the standard contracts. In the interim, construction projects should continue to use AIA contracts with the KDE Amendments listed below. KDE will provide a communication to districts and construction project stakeholders once these KDE-versions are available on AIA’s Documents on Demand web application.

702 KAR 4:160 - Capital Construction Process
Guidelines of Best Practices           

(KDE is requesting input from districts and construction stakeholders on the content of the updated “Best Practices for School Building Projects - A Companion to 702 KAR 4:160” document.  Please email input to (

702 KAR 4:170 - Facility Programming & Construction Criteria
Construction Process Forms​
Amendments to AIA Documents
Kentucky Department of Education Amendments to American Institute of Architects (AIA) documents describe revisions to Kentucky Administrative Regulations regarding construction agreements, contracts, bidding forms, etc.  
General Contractor
Amendments to Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect (AIA B101 -2007, p.1-5)
KDE Amendment AIA B101-2007 - Page 1A
Amendments to Agreement Between Owner & Contractor (AIA A101-2007)
Amendments to General Conditions of the Contracts for Construction (AIA A201-2007)  
Construction Manager
Amendment to Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect (AIA B141/CMa-1992)
Amendment to Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager (AIA B801/CMa-1992)
Amendment to General Conditions of the Contract for Construction (AIA A201/CMa-1992
Amendment to Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor (AIA 101/CMa-1992)
Amendments to Instructions to Bidders (AIA A701-1997) 
Amendments to Performance Bond/Payment Bond (AIA A312-1984)
Amendment to General Conditions AIA A201 CMa 1992
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