Facility Planning

Published: 3/3/2015 1:07 PM
The documents below provide individual executive summaries of District Facility Plans including organizational structure, facilities, capacity and status of capital construction priorities that are the mechanism to use restricted capital funds.
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Adair Co DFP.pdfAdair Co DFP
Anchorage Ind.pdfAnchorage Ind
Ashland Ind DFP.pdfAshland Ind DFP
Ballard Co.pdfBallard Co
Bardstown Ind.pdfBardstown Ind
Bath Co.pdfBath Co
Bell Co DFP.pdfBell Co DFP
Berea Ind.pdfBerea Ind
Bourbon Co DFP.pdfBourbon Co DFP
Boyd Co DFP.pdfBoyd Co DFP
Bracken Co DFP.pdfBracken Co DFP
Breckinridge Co DFP.pdfBreckinridge Co DFP
Burgin Ind DFP.pdfBurgin Ind DFP
Caldwell Co DPF.pdfCaldwell Co DPF
Campbell Co DFP.pdfCampbell Co DFP
Carlisle Co DFP.pdfCarlisle Co DFP
Carter Co DFP.pdfCarter Co DFP
Caverna Ind DFP.pdfCaverna Ind DFP
Clark Co DFP.pdfClark Co DFP
Clinton Co DFP.pdfClinton Co DFP
Corbin Ind DFP.pdfCorbin Ind DFP
Covington Ind DFP.xlsCovington Ind DFP
Cumberland Co DFP.pdfCumberland Co DFP
Daviess Co DFP.pdfDaviess Co DFP
Dayton Ind DFP.pdfDayton Ind DFP
Edmonson Co DFP.pdfEdmonson Co DFP
Elliott Co DFP.pdfElliott Co DFP
Fairview Ind DFP.pdfFairview Ind DFP
Fleming Co DFP.pdfFleming Co DFP
Franfort Ind DFP.pdfFranfort Ind DFP
Ft Thomas Ind DFP.pdfFt Thomas Ind DFP
Fulton Ind.pdfFulton Ind
Garrard Co DFP.pdfGarrard Co DFP
Grant Co DFP.pdfGrant Co DFP
Grayson CO DFP.pdfGrayson CO DFP
Greenup Co DFP.pdfGreenup Co DFP
Hardin Co DFP.pdfHardin Co DFP
Harlan Ind DFP.pdfHarlan Ind DFP
Hart Co DFP.pdfHart Co DFP
Henderson Co DFP.pdfHenderson Co DFP
Hickman Co DFP.pdfHickman Co DFP
Jackson Co DFP.pdfJackson Co DFP
Jefferson Co DFP.pdfJefferson Co DFP
Jessamine Co DFP.pdfJessamine Co DFP
Kenton Co DFP.pdfKenton Co DFP
Knox Co DFP.pdfKnox Co DFP
Laurel Co DFP.pdfLaurel Co DFP
Lee Co DFP.pdfLee Co DFP
Letcher Co DFP.pdfLetcher Co DFP
Lincoln Co DFP.pdfLincoln Co DFP
Logan Co DFP.pdfLogan Co DFP
Lyon Co DFP.pdfLyon Co DFP
Magoffin Co DFP.pdfMagoffin Co DFP
Marshall Co DFP.pdfMarshall Co DFP
Mason Co DFP.pdfMason Co DFP
McCracken Co DFP.pdfMcCracken Co DFP
McLean Co DFP.pdfMcLean Co DFP
Menifee Co DFP.pdfMenifee Co DFP
Metcalfe Co DFP.pdfMetcalfe Co DFP
Monroe Co DFP.pdfMonroe Co DFP
Monticello Ind DFP.pdfMonticello Ind DFP
Muhlenberg Co DFP.pdfMuhlenberg Co DFP
Nelson Co DFP .pdfNelson Co DFP
Nicholas Co DFP.pdfNicholas Co DFP
Oldham Co.pdfOldham Co
Owensboro Ind DFP.pdfOwensboro Ind DFP
Paducah Ind DFP.pdfPaducah Ind DFP
Paris Ind DFP.pdfParis Ind DFP
Perry Co DFP.pdfPerry Co DFP
Pikeville Ind DFP.pdfPikeville Ind DFP
Powell Co DFP.pdfPowell Co DFP
Raceland-Worthington DFP.pdfRaceland-Worthington DFP
Rockcastle Co DFP.pdfRockcastle Co DFP
Russell Co DFP.pdfRussell Co DFP
Russellville Ind DFP.pdfRussellville Ind DFP
Scott Co DFP.pdfScott Co DFP
Silvergrove Ind DFP.pdfSilvergrove Ind DFP
Somerset IND DFP.pdfSomerset IND DFP
Spencer Co DFP.pdfSpencer Co DFP
Todd Co DFP.pdfTodd Co DFP
Trimble Co DFP.pdfTrimble Co DFP
Walton-Verona Ind.pdfWalton-Verona Ind
Washington Co DFP.pdfWashington Co DFP
Webster Co DFP.pdfWebster Co DFP
Whitley Co DFP.pdfWhitley Co DFP
Williamstown Ind DFP.pdfWilliamstown Ind DFP
Woodford Co DFP.pdfWoodford Co DFP
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