KSIS Training

Published: 4/15/2014 2:32 PM
Infinite Campus (IC) and the KDE provide in-depth training on the use of the Kentucky State Information System (KSIS). Kentucky state-specific training is also available within the IC training portal and training developed by IC can be found at Campus Community & Infinite Campus University.

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

End-of-Year (EOY) Training  (April 29-30, 2014)

Registration is now open for the Infinite Campus End-of-Year Training.  Click here to register.  The Training Agenda is now available and includes course descriptions and time schedules.


Spring User Group Meetings

Infinite Campus will host Kentucky’s spring semi-annual User Group meetings as listed in the schedule below. All meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m. and adjourn at 3:00 p.m. (Local Time). Topics will include a KDE update, Campus Instruction, Multi-Year Academic Planner (MYAP), Meeting Manager and Document Management.

  • April 14          Caldwell County Schools, District Office, 612 W Washington St., Princeton, KY  42445
  • April 15          Warren County Schools, Greenwood High School, 5065 Scottsville, Road, Bowling Green, KY  42104
  • April 16          Marion County Schools, Area Technology Center, 721 East Main Street, Lebanon, KY  40033
  • April 17          Franklin County, Western Hills High School Library, 100 Doctor’s Drive, Frankfort, KY  40601
  • April 22          Laurel County Schools, District office, 718 North Main Street, London, KY  40741
  • April 23          Magoffin County Schools, Magoffin Co. High School, 201 Hornet Drive, Salyersville, KY  41465
  • April 24          Montgomery County, Montgomery Co. High School, Computer Lab B, 724 Woodford Drive, Mt. Sterling, KY  40353
  • April 25          Boone County, Ralf Rush Professional Development Center, 99 Center Street, Florence, KY  41042


Alternative Programs/ILPA Regional Trainings

Sessions will cover setting up template banks; attribute dictionary selections and district assignments for use of the ILPA module in Infinite Campus; standards for completion of editors in the ILPA module of Infinite Campus; completing an online ILPA; transition team roles and responsibility; alternative programs best practices; online alternative programs resources; and FAQ.

  • Three hours of EILA credit will be granted based on registration and attendance.
    Participants are welcome to bring their own devices; however, this is not required.
  • Dates and locations:
    • April 16 - Northern Ky. Educational Cooperative, Cold Springs
    • April 24 - West Ky. Educational Cooperative, Eddyville
    • April 25 - Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, Bowling Green
    • April 30 - London Convention Center, London
    • May 1 - Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg
    • May 7 - Ky. Educational Development Corporation (KEDC) Conference Center, Lexington
  • Registration for any of the ILPA Training events has closed.  For questions about registration, please contact Windy Newton.


Mastering the Fundamentals of Campus II

Course scheduled for May 5-8 has been cancelled due to low registration.


Mastering the Fundamentals of Campus

Additional details for this course will be forthcoming.  For questions please contact Lisa Rhoton.

  • When:  Monday, July 7 – Friday July 11, 2014
  • Where: Ft. Thomas School District
               Highlands High School
               2400 Memorial Parkway
               Fort Thomas, KY 41075


Resources from Prior Trainings:

    • KTS Pilot Project (Mar. 24, 2014)

      • Training Video
        Infinite Campus instructions for technical school users of the KTS Automated Data Exchange Project covering the initial setup process; including the creation of staff, new calendar setup, and course setup for ATC/CTC schools.
    • KySTE Training (Mar. 5-6, 2014)

      • Session - KDE / Infinite Campus Update 
        PowerPoint Presentation 
        An update of what is on the horizon for this year from KDE and an update as to training available and any new features in the upcoming year from Infinite Campus.
    • Mid-Year (M-Y)Training (Jan. 8, 2014)

      • Session 1 - Infinite Campus (IC) New Interface Changes in E.1402
        IC Users may go to Infinite Campus | Campus Community for Video and Interface Update
        New graphical user interface (GUI) has modern look and easier navigation
      • Session 2 - Detailed Preschool Summary Reports
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Data requirements to ensure that preschool children eligible for funding will be captured in the IC count 
      • Session 3 - 2013-14 Safe Schools Update
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Safe schools requirements, importance of data standards and communication, known data entry questions and overview of the safe schools extract validation and extract
      • Session 4 - Teaching Method and Instructional Setting
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        How to set up non-traditional courses and the Instructional Setting and Teaching Method dropdowns
      • Session 5 - Records Transfer/Records Import
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Procedures relating to automatic transfer and manual requests, effectively managing the Process inbox and importing student records once received, and impact on state reporting
      • Session 6 - Infinite Campus (IC)/Continuous Instructional Improvement Technical System (CIITS) Integration
        Video| PowerPoint Presentation
        Details of how the systems work together including what data is shared, how to establish roles, Grade Book imports and School Roster Manager role
      • Supplemental Data
        PowerPoint Presentation
        Includes eTranscripts registration, setup and usage; Grades Data Standard for State Reported and End-of-Course; Teacher-of-Record; calendar roll forward; Intervention; state course codes; and ad hoc reports 
    • Beginning of Year (BoY) Training for the 2013-2014 School Year

      • Session 1 - Behavior
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        An overview of 2013-2014 Safe Schools Behavior data standards, as well as information on the reporting and validation of data.
      • Session 2 - Restraint and Seclusion
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        An overview of 2013-2014 Safe Schools Restraint and Seclusion data standards, as well as information on the reporting and validation of data.
      • Session 3 - Persistence to Graduation Tool (PtGT)
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        An overview on how to utilize data in the PtGT to identify student off track for promotion or graduation on time and to show student achievement, performance, attendance, and behavior to improve or change instructional practices or to place students in appropriate interventions.
      • Session 4 - Technical Education Database System (TEDS)
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        High level overview of what TEDS is, what TEDS affects, and when TEDS data is due; how the TEDS tab and TEDS report in IC are used in state and federal accountability; behind the scenes coding in other parts of IC that affect TEDS data; and breakdown of other data due in TEDS that can be used in conversations with TEDS coordinators.
      • Session 5 - English Language Learners
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Information to help understand the LEP extract for the October 1st data pull and verification; LEP Critical Errors corrections; and the Student Records Transfer information specific to LEP students.
      • Session 6 - Teacher Student Data Links
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        How to use student data to measure program and teacher effectiveness and the importance of accurate links.
      • Session 7 - Teaching Method/Instructional Setting
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Teaching Method and Instructional Setting drop downs - why they are important and descriptions of each choice.
      • Session 8 - Scheduling with LEAD Reporting in Mind
        Video PowerPoint Presentation
        How to use new and updated data elements and data standards and their interaction with LEAD reporting; updated and further defined teaching methods; use of state course codes and new standards for elementary scheduling; better data for LEAD reporting and the Professional Growth Effectiveness System (PGES); and better analysis of who is actually doing what in each class.
      • Session 9 - Virtual and Performance-Based Courses
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        The basics of setting up and using a virtual and performance-based class; when virtual or performance-based classes are appropriate; and their use in Alternative Placements.
      • Session 10 - Common Reasons and Resolutions for SSIS Issues
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Prevention, identification and correction of duplicate SSIDs in IC.
      • Session 11 - Free & Reduced Lunch - Striving for Perfection
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Find ways to ensure all children can be identified for free meal status; KDE data standards for entry of student information; effective monitoring of data synchronization between IC and the POS; and steps to prevent and resolve errors.
      • Session 12 - Raising the Bar: Data Use
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Applying the Delivery methodology to 1) define performance and 2) how data are used to assess progress toward these goals and provide guidance to districts and schools.
      • Session 13 - Improving the use of Education Data: Putting the Pieces Together
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        How the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics is using K12 data.
      • Session 14 - Changes to Conference Summary
        Video (46:44) | PowerPoint Presentation                                                                                                      
        Discover the new electronic process and form for the conference summary and December 1st Child Count.
      • Session 15 - Preschool
        Video | PowerPoint Presentation
        Steps to enroll state-funded preschool children in grades 99, 98 and 97; other intricacies such as Head Start, KSI and children who receive special education only services; individualized attention to specific needs regarding enrolling preschool children.
      • Session 16 - BRIGANCE, Prior Settings
        Video (41:12) | PowerPoint Presentation
        New requirements for capturing prior settings for Kindergarten students
      • Session 17 - Gifted and Talented
        Video (20:20) | PowerPoint Presentation
        How to collect and record data required for the Gifted and Talented program and information about ad hoc reports available to verify data


    • End of Year (EoY) Training for the 2012-2013 School Year

      • Session 1 - Superintendent's Annual Attendance Report (SAAR)
        Video (31:53) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        Participants will review the submission process to assist with attendance data cleanup and verification prior to the June 30 data pull for the SAAR submission.
      • Session 2 - Calendar Setup
        Video (16:16) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        Information in this session will help districts prepare to roll their calendars forward.
      • Session 3 - Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK)
        Video (12:31) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        Participants will receive information to assist with data cleanup and verification for the June 30 data pull for the SEEK At Risk ADM report used in calculation of state funding for schools.
      • Session 4 - Health
        Video (18:31) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        This session reviews health data that should be entered in preparation for the EOY Health Data reports.  It will include data requirements, as well as assistance on how to clean and verify student health flag assignments on the Conditions tab for the June 1 data pull.
      • Session 5 - Safe Schools
        Video (34:10) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        This session will outline the new requirements for 2012-13 Safe School Reporting, with details on the reporting timeline and an overview of the validation and extract results.  A brief description of what is coming for alternative programs in 2013-14 will also be covered.
      • Session 6 - School Report Card
        Video (16:47) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        Participants will gain information on data included in the 2012-13 School Report Card and best practices for verification and validation.  The information is shared to prepare districts for the upcoming work and to set expectations for quality-control measures that can be implemented district wide.
      • Session 7 - Teacher of Record
        Video (24:04) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        District administrators will gain knowledge and skills required to set up teachers in Campus and learn how this information affects CIITS, Student-Teacher links, and Local Educators Assignment Data (LEAD).
      • Session 8 - Free/Reduced Application Management (FRAM)
        Video (12:37) | PowerPoint Presentation | Questions and Answers 
        Participants will learn the basics of setup and troubleshooting of their Food Service POS and IC for the data synchronization of meal status.
    • General Questions and Answers


IC User Group Meetings

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